First unit of the WiderCat 92 launched: a vision become reality

The WiderCat 92 is the first 28 metre catamaran of a series of multihulls from the Marches-based shipyard

17 January 2024 | by Redazione

Known for their pioneering spirit, advanced technology and sustainable sailing, Wider are pushing themselves even further with the launch of the WiderCat 92. From the Wider Vision Hub, the new, modern Wider facility based in Fano, the first 28 metre catamaran was launched, the first in a series of multihulls from the Marches-based shipyard.

The result of a partnership between Luca Dini Design and the Wider Style Centre, the WiderCat 92 is not only attractive for its perfect integration of indoor and outdoor spaces, but it opens new horizons in technological evolution, embodying a harmonious fusion of beauty, functionality, sophistication and innovation.


With its focus on aesthetics and functional design, Wider has elevated the WiderCat 92 to the same level of style and elegance as a single hull. The catamaran reflects a careful balance between form and function, highlighting Wider’s work in creating a sophisticated design in the multihull segment.

Unit 1 of the WiderCat 92 has two generously sized VIP cabins and two double guest cabins, with twin beds, located on the lower decks of the two hulls. The main deck is home to a spacious owner’s suite, complete with private lounge on the forward deck, taking nearly half of the overall space. In addition, an option for a 4-cabin layout in addition to the owner’s cabin is also available. The kitchen is also conveniently located on the main deck.

In addition to the customisable aft cockpit on the main deck, with its breathtaking view from the large windows, the upper deck has another cockpit to the bow, a panoramic saloon and the wheelhouse.

The garage for the tender, complete with a hold door that can easily be converted into a beach area to the stern, sets the stage for an extraordinary sailing experience. The collapsible bulkheads have a dual function: not only do they enhance the generous beach club, easily accessed from the VIP cabins, but they also discretely hide the storage areas for the water toys.

This innovative design helps the WiderCat 92 stand out form other models of the same length and category, with every aspect, from the functional elements to the recreational spaces, meticulously curated to improve life on board.


Wider’s integrated and advanced serial hybrid propulsion system, stemming from the shipyard’s years of technical experience, also makes the WiderCat 92 stand out in terms of performance.  Equipped with two 500kW electric engines, each one dedicated to two variable speed generators of 349 kW used to produce electricity, this innovative catamaran is an example of advanced nautical engineering.

The heart of this extraordinary system lies in the 30 LiFePO4 batteries (Lithium iron phosphate), meticulously managed by a high-tech battery management system, which ensures operational parameters are continuously monitored, allowing the charge to be intelligently managed.

In addition to its impressive efficiency, it is important to note that this exceptional performance is achieved safely, highlighting Wider’s work to guarantee a 100% safe sailing experience.

The generators use minimum levels of electricity, allowing for ZEM (Zero Emission Mode) navigation, with an autonomy of 27 nautical miles at 6 knots in complete silence, or an autonomy of 14 hours when battery powered at anchor. In addition, 150m2 of solar panels guarantee energy self sufficiency when docked, with excess power stored in the batteries for night time use.

Wider’s serial hybrid propulsion system not only reduces engine stress, extending the time between maintenance sessions compared to traditional yachts, but it also contributes to reducing fuel consumption, noise and vibrations, creating a more sustainable and comfortable sailing experience.

The WiderCat 92 is a collective masterpiece – declares Marcello Maggi, president of W-Fin Sarl, the holding company with 100% of Wider’s capital – a coming together of vision, skill and the latest technology. Each designer, engineer and artisan poured their passion into this project. While we celebrate this achievement, I have complete faith that, like the previous success had by Wider, the WiderCat 92 will set a new standard within the boating industry.


Wider’s advanced production facilities, based between the old port and the tourist marina of Fano, are fully operational. Construction of the offices will begin shortly. With environmental sustainability at the heart of the company’s mission, the entire roof will be covered in solar panels.

After its launch, the WiderCat 92 will be completely fitted before it is fully tested.



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