Noli - an ancient Medieval village and splendid seaside location

Noli (Nöli in local dialect), a town in the province of Savona, it is located along the Western Ligurian Riviera in an inlet sheltered to the east by the Island of Bergeggi and to the south-west by Cape Noli near the mouth of the river, Luminella.

Noli Torre medievale

Medieval tower

Visiting Noli

This town is part of the Mountain Community of Pollupice. Its Medieval borough is considered to be one of the most beautiful Ligurian boroughs in Italy and was traditionally an important seafaring centre. Noli is well-known for its evocative historical centre, with its narrow alleyways, known as carüggi. Noli is one of the few remaining coastal villages to still have an active community of local fishermen who go out to sea by night in their fishing boats and return in the morning with fresh fish. Now, Noli is well-known as a swimming destination in the Western Riviera, with beautiful white sand beaches. What’s more, the sea in front of Noli is perfect for diving. The seafloor, going down over 35 metres, is full of fish, seahorses, squid, angler fish and small lobsters. The clearness of the water is perfect for underwater videos or photography.


Boating in Noli

The port of  Noli is classified as a class IV port, but docking is exclusively for fishing boats only, it is public domain granted in concession to a cooperative, and has space for 21 fishing boats.

It has a pier and an equipped beach to be used for fishing. Among the services offered are the supply of fresh water thanks to public water fountains, and electricity.

Noli mura storiche

Historical walls

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