Genoa, capital of Liguria, is one of the most important ports in the Mediterranean, as well as being a city full of history and culture, having been one of the four marine republics.

Genoa [Genova], capital of Liguria, is one of the most important ports in the Mediterranean and a city full of history and culture. Overlooking the Ligurian Sea, its development has been tied to commerce and the sea.


History of Genova:

The main centre of the Ligurian genuates, it developed as a maritime commercial hub from the V century BC, and, in addition to being a naval base, it was an important centre for traffic after the construction of the Via Postumia and Via Aemilia Scauri. Over the centuries, the ancient commercial businesses transformed into autonomous administrative and military organisations, until, in the II century AD, it developed into a free commune. This rapidly affirmed itself as a great commercial power founding its development on political independence and in the uncontested possession of the Ligurian coast and control of the passes inland, so much so, that during the Crusades, the Commune decided to begin colonial expansion towards the Middle East.

In more modern times, Genoa became the centre for raw industry, steel, shipbuilding and mechanics, and, together with Turin and Milan, became one of the three points of the so-called industrial triangle. During the Second World War, because of its economic and strategic centrality, it was heavily targeted by allied bombings, which intensified after the armistice. Occupied militarily by the Germans after 8 September, Genoa, who had some of the most active resistance, was the first city in Northern Italy to rise up against the occupation on 24 April 1945, forcing the German garrison to unconditional surrender before the arrival of the allied forces, who reached the city on the 27th. For this reason the city earned the Gold Medal for the Resistance.

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Boating in Genoa

Genoa and its port offer a number of services for pleasure boating: repairs, nautical agencies and it is home to the Yacht Club Italiano, the oldest in Italy. In addition, it is important to note the development of the area of Sestri Ponente, historically a naval repair centre (Fincantieri) and which, over the last few years, has seen a rise in pleasure boating with the arrival of large investors, the opening of the Marina Aeroporto, repair yards like Alfa Yacht, and construction like Tankoa Yachts, the completely renovated Lega Navale, and other traditional shipyards in the surrounding area, like the Cantieri Navali di Sestri.

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