Arenzano, splendid town overlooking the Gulf of Genoa

Arenzano, due to its strategic position (it overlooks the Gulf of Genoa but is perfect for navigating toward the western riviera), is an excellent place to drop anchor, thanks to its new Tourist Port, in Via Lungomare Stati Uniti. There are also areas available for shipbuilding managed by a number of local businesses. The city has beautiful walks along the seaside, an ample choice of hotels, cinemas, discos and the opportunity to practice a variety of sports, including sailing classes and water skiing, in addition to fishing and swimming.
Arenzano dall'alto

Arenzano from above

History of Arenzano

According to historical sources the first settlement was tied to a primitive outpost of the Roman Empire in the first few centuries AD. Like the other towns and villages nearby it followed throughout the Medieval periods, the historical events of nearby Genoa. Territorially it quickly came under the possession of the Republic of Genoa, and in particular of nearby Voltri. Over the centuries, especially in the XVII century, it was raided by pirates so often that the local community was forced to fortify the village. At the end of the XIX century, after an earlier dip in its economic development, it underwent a substantial recovery with the opening of shipbuilding, and paper-making activities, as well as other industries. After the Second World War, the increasing decline of the shipbuilding industry led inevitably to tourist development, with the conversion of the coastline from shipyards to beachfront properties and hotel development.

Visiting Arenzano

The town of Arenzano extends between two rivers: Cantarena, dividing it from Voltri, and Lerone, separating it from Cogoleto. The old Via Aurelia was the original limit along which the centre developed. The sea, the temperate climate and architectural and scenic beauty are this town’s calling card. A small seaside town, with a stable climate year round, it grew more popular as a tourist destination thanks to its beaches and sheltered tourist port by Capo San Martino, as well as the famous pine grove, the villas, and sports facilities. The rocky areas along the shore are perfect for diving and admiring the meadows of posidonia seagrass; the sea floor between Arenzano and Punta Invrea (Varazze) has been marked as Sites of Community Importance, and in 2008, the first underwater gym in Italy was opened.
Pineta di Arenzano

Pine grove in Arenzano

Boating in Arenzano

Arenzano, due to its strategic position (overlooking the Gulf of Genoa, but perfect for navigating towards the western riviera), is an excellent place to drop anchor thanks to its brand new tourist port, in Via Lungomare Stati Uniti. In addition, the dedicated shipbuilding areas are available. These are managed by local businesses (Yacht Service).

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