Fincantieri begins building the MSC Seascape: the new flagship for MSC Crociere

The coin ceremony for the MSC Seascape took place in the Monfalcone shipyard of Fincantieri, the new flagship of MSC Crociere and the second Seaside Evo class ship. It will begin service in November 2022

5 July 2021 | by Redazione
The coin ceremony for the MSC Seascape

The new flagship of MSC Crociere will be called MSC Seascape, it is the second Seaside Evo class ship being built by the Monfalcone shipyard of Fincantieri.

The choice of name, shared during the traditional “coin ceremony”, is in honour of the beauty of the oceans and the incomparable sea views that the ship’s passengers will enjoy, made possible through its innovative design and architectural characteristics.

Godmothers at the ceremony were two long time employees from each of the companies, Monica Somma, Category manager retail for MSC Crociere , and Jolette Vincenzi, production supervisor for Fincantieri, who put the two coins in the keel of the ship, a traditional blessing and sign of good luck.

The coins we are placing today – declared  Pierfrancesco Vago, executive chairman for MSC Cruises – mark a fundamental step in the construction of one of our ships and are an important symbol for the trust we place in the cruising industry. MSC Seascape is the fifth ship we have built with Fincantieri, with a total of eight ships ordered so far with the Italian shipyard for the entire cruising division of the MSC Group, of which four are in the luxury segment, launched recently under the new brand Explora Journeys, generating an important return for the entire Italian economy.

The new flagship for MSC Crociere, will start service in November 2022, and will have economic returns in every port it stops in. “When it joins our fleet, the MSC Seascape will have a significant economic impact – explained Vago – on all the ports and destinations it visits, reinforcing tourism and supporting the recovery of local communities. In addition, the MSC Seascape represents our desire to continue investing in this shipyard and confirms our long term vision of achieving zero impact cruises.

Like every ship we build – noted the executive chairman for MSC Cruises – we are equipping the MSC Seascape with some of the latest technology and environmental solutions, including emission reduction and the latest generation wastewater treatment systems. There will also be new entertainment for passengers as well as the exciting RoboCoaster experience.

MSC Seascape represents, like her twin MSC Seashore, the evolution of the innovative Seaside class. Seaside Evo ships have been improved and include a variety of characteristics, spaces and experiences that are new and engaging created specifically for passengers. MSC Seascape was designed to help passengers get even closer to the water thanks to an innovative design and its 13 thousand square meters of outdoor space. The ship has a gross tonnage of 169,400 GT and can hold 5,877 passengers.


The environmental technology used on the MSC Seascape includes catalytic reduction systems for each of the four motors on the ship, created to reduce nitric oxide emissions by 90%, converting the gas into inert nitrogen and water, and hybrid cleaning systems for exhaust to remove 98% of the sulphur dioxide produced by the ship.

The ship will have advanced wastewater treatment systems with higher purification standards compared to most water treatment facilities on land, advanced waste management systems, water ballast treatment systems approved by the United States Coast Guard, the latest generation systems for the prevention of oil leaks for machinery and further technology to improve energy efficiency, including heat recovery systems and LED lighting. MSC Seascape will also be equipped with an underwater radiating noise management system to reduce potential side effects on marine mammals.


On the MSC Seascape, 65% of the space has been re-created to improve passenger experience and offer them a number of solutions to get even closer to the water.

On board are 2,270 cabins of 12 different types and suites with balcony, including the popular stern suites, as well as 11 dining areas, 19 bars and lounges, offering food and drink in the open air and six pools, including one to the stern with an ocean view. The MSC Yacht Club will be the biggest and most luxurious in the MSC Crociere fleet, with nearly 3 thousand square metres of space and a breathtaking view over the ocean from the bow decks of the ship. In addition there will be a large boardwalk of 540 metres and a spectacular “bridge of sighs” with a glass floor on deck 16, a singular point of view for the ocean.



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