First water tests for the new ICE 53 ST – video and reflections

Matteo Malgara, son of ICE Yachts CEO Marco Malgara, participated in the water testing of the new ICE 53 ST. Here are his reflections

16 December 2023 | by Redazione

The time has come to step on board and water test the new ICE 53 ST, new entry in the Ice Yachts fleet; the shipyard is based in Cremona and led by Marco Malgara. Many are curious to see the hoped for super performance of the Ice 53 ST. To better test the vessel, in addition to a team of professional French sailors, Matteo Malgara also came on board, son of the CEO Marco Malgara.

A detailed analysis of my recent experience on board the newly launched ICE 53 GT in the waters off Varazze – says Marco Malgara after the first test of the ICE 53 ST – has revealed a combination of factors contributing to the success of this vessel in terms of performance, stability, handling and comfort, in addition to highlighting the impressive capability it has to stay dry even in adverse conditions.


The hull profile has been carefully studied and attention to the placement of appendages ensures an immediate response during manoeuvres, allowing for reactive and precise sailing.

The efficiency of sailing propulsion, combined with an advanced sail control system, allows for superior performance in terms of speed and agility, allowing the vessel to reach, with 15 knots of consistent and reliable wind, 9.8 knots when close-hauled at an angle of 23° from the apparent wind and 13.5 knots running downwind, all by only using the white sails.


Let’s say that compared to the Ice 52 RS Evo – explains Matteo Malgara – which up until now has been the highest performing vessel in the RS line, we have a significant increase in performance, around 0.9 knots more when close-hauled, 1.8 downwind and 0.2 with the engine. Absolutely incredible!

Accurate weight distribution and the hull, carefully designed by Felci Yacht Design, contribute to guaranteeing impressive stability, both in calm and rougher water. “This characteristic – explains the CEO’s son – translates into a consistent feeling of safety, even during difficult manoeuvres, variable weather conditions and running on the engine. The Saildrive D2 Volvo Penta 75 HP engine, allows the boat to comfortably reach speeds ranging from 9 during cruising to 10.4 maximum.


The light weight of the vessel comes through clearly while sailing. Thanks to a liberal use of composite materials, weight reduction contributes, not only to dynamic performance, but also the exceptional handling of the vessel, allowing for a quick response to the helm and ease of control making navigating gratifying for the helmsman.

Handling is also enhanced thanks to the ergonomic design of the cockpit and the strategic positioning of the controls. “The accessibility and intuitiveness of the system allow for easy navigation, improving the overall experience of the helmsman.

The onboard systems – notes Malgara – have been studied and optimised by Mr Finoli, technical manager, to better centre and lighten weights. Thanks to a special clarinet, water tightness has gone from 12 on the 52 to just 7 on the 53 ST. I would say that is excellent progress.


Comfort on board the ICE 53 ST has not been overlooked during the design process. “Being able to stay dry – notes Matteo Malaga right after the test – is a considerable advantage in rough waters, where the design of the bow and hull shape minimise water spray, ensuring a comfortable and dry working space for the crew.

Another two Ice 53 ST are currently under construction for the joy of those who love their high performance.



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