Benetti delivers the first Diamond 145, the new flagship for the Class category

The vessel is a perfect example of the balance between tradition and innovation which has always characterised the yachts built by the Tuscan shipyard.

29 July 2020 | by Redazione

Benetti, the well-known Tuscan shipyard specialised in luxury yachts, has announced the delivery of the first Diamond 145 unit, which, with its 44 metres in length and a gross tonnage of 469 tonnes is the new flagship of the Class category.

Diamond 145 is the perfect example of the balance between tradition and innovation that has always characterised the yachts from this shipyard and which has charmed owners from around the world: tradition is represented by a profound respect for Benetti’s family feeling and the style of the Class category, the innovation can be seen in the extraordinary modernness of the exterior and the contemporary and refined décor of the interior.


The exterior of this splendid yacht was designed by Giorgio M. Cassetta, one of the youngest and better known international designers in the nautical industry and who has worked with Benetti since 2013.

The size of Diamond 145 – explains Cassetta – allowed us to develop an impressive vessel that ensures majesty and is enveloped in very modern details, together with a stylistic development that gives the idea of a timeless yacht”. His work is based on the desire of giving a contemporary interpretation to that classic style which is what the brand is famous for.

Created for an expert and demanding owner, Diamond 145 is characterised by the large windows that enhance its length and bring incredible light to the interior spaces, while the relationship between light and dark blocks give the idea of longer and more powerful shapes, giving the yacht a majestic and solemn aspect.

The mass of the superstructure is refined and dynamic, the gunwale line is high and the reversed deck flare is very long. Teak, steel and glass provide an unmistakable elegance to the space, which feels like it should be part of a larger vessel, starting with the outside stairs: positioned to the left of the vessel, they continue from the entrance all the way to the Sun Deck.


In contrast to the imposing and solemn exterior is the ample and contemporary interior, welcoming and sophisticated, designed by Benetti’s own Interior Style Department

The layout has been studied to emphasise and best take advantage of the spaces, both exterior and interior, guaranteeing unrivalled comfort. The routes for the crew and passengers have been created so as to guarantee maximum privacy, starting with the Sun Deck, which, with its 102 square metres is the largest in the category. On this deck, the space on the bow has a comfortable sofa and a dining area with a table, while the stern has a large relaxation and sunning area that can be furnished according to the desires of the owner.

The Upper Deck, with its pool on the bow, houses the large pilothouse, with the captain’s cabin next to the bridge, equipped with an integrated Light Bridge console, and a carbon fibre structure, uniting lightness and resistance. This particular solution is the result of the first partnership between Benetti and Seastema, a leading company in naval automation, navigation and onboard electronics in all branches of the naval industry.

The console area laid out in this manner improves visibility to the outside for the captain and crew, leaving, at the same time, more room to move around. In addition, also with the aim of best increasing the liveability of the wheelhouse and spaces for passengers and captain, all electronic devices have been positioned in a dedicated storage area on the Main Deck.

At the heart of the ship is a large living room with a table and relaxation area, just before the outdoor part on the stern, furnished with a table and a number of sofas. On the bow of the Main Deck, a deck with incredible light, is the large apartment for the owners, which occupies a space of approximately 60 metres square. This exclusive owner’s suite has a large bathroom, a spacious walk in closet and an office area located in a separate area just before entering the Master bedroom.

Undisputed star of every room is the light, which envelopes the Master bedroom and living area thanks to the large windows and attentive construction that moved the ventilation trunk in to a position further ahead compared to the usual: in this manner it was possible to build an arched glass door for the living room, increasing the feeling of a complete integration between the inside and outside.

On the stern, full-width sliding glass doors open out onto an elegant beach area, completely equipped with sofas and a bar, from which it is possible to directly access the sea: the internal beach area is separated from the outdoor area by a 20 centimetre step to enhance the feeling of contact with nature.

Regarding instead the garage area, it is completely separate with a lateral door so as not to interfere with the onboard life of the owner and guests, surprising for its size, which can house a tender of over 6 metres, two 3 metre jet skis and a number of water toys.

Lastly, on the Lower Deck are four double cabins with bathroom for guests, of which two are VIP with double beds and 2 with single beds converted into doubles, and the 5 cabins for the crew, made up of 8 people in addition to the captain.


The interior and exterior spaces are decorated with prestigious materials that create a refined accompaniment of lighter tones with other darker tones in brown, white and grey. On board burnished bronze alternates with leather and textiles, different types of wood (including durmast) and a number of different marbles (like Grey Stone and Silk Georgette), while the futuristic bridge has a polished carbon finish.


Benetti’s design culture has always been focussed on how to guarantee that their vessels can be enjoyed over a long period of time, while keeping unaltered their charm, elegance, and function and satisfying the needs not only of the first owner, but any that may come after.

This means adopting solutions that are capable not only of increasing the level of comfort but to also guarantee it over time, to reduce and facilitate maintenance needs by using the highest quality components and using smart systems, as well as making it easier to renew the décor over the years to come. Benetti has recently given a name to this constriction challenge: Objective 50.

The reflection of this culture can easily be seen in the Diamond 145. While sailing, for example, it is exceptionally quiet, which puts the vessel at the top of its category. This objective has been reached thanks to the use of all possible solutions to reduce noise and vibrations: from the transmission system which benefits from an elastic coupling and thrust bearings, floating dunnage and bulkheads on all decks, the bypass valve for the engine exhaust system, and the soundproofing of the exhaust pipes in the main areas on board.

In addition, a complex and modern air and circulation treatment system (ATU), equipped with filters to reduce dust and water particles, guarantees fresh clean air in all areas of the yacht, through six complete air changes per hour.

The fibreglass on the outside of the vessel, instead is treated with epoxy putty and painted white to reach maximum levels of brightness and aesthetic finish, guaranteed over time. And with the same aim, the steel on the decks has been hand polished, piece by piece. Lastly, internally, each decorative wall or ceiling panel is meticulously labelled with a bar code and applied using the fitlocks system: this level of care makes it easy to quickly restore them even in the future and future owners can more easily renovate the interior design.


The engine room, structured like large mega yachts with a separate Engine Control Room, houses a pair of 1,400cv Man 12V engines , thanks to which Diamond 145 is capable of over 5 thousand nautical miles of autonomy sailing at a speed of 11 knots. The maximum speed is 15 knots, while cruising speed is 14 knots.

The delivery of the Diamond 145 confirms the success of Benetti’s fibreglass boats (over 300 units sold over the years) and anticipates a season which shows signs of being very busy for the Tuscan shipyard, with a number of launches and a number of deliveries planned even before the opening of the autumn boat shows.


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