Victory Design stuns with their Bolide range: a 170 foot hyper yacht

Victory Design has presented their study for Bolide 170, a 50 metre hyper yacht created by the founder Brunello Acampora and his international team of designers and engineers

7 March 2023 | by Redazione
Bolide 170

Bolide is the name of the new range by Victory Design, created to amaze, and it already has two models: Bolide 80, whose first vessel is currently under construction in Pisa, in the Seven Stars yard, and Bolide 170, the new flagship whose model was just revealed.

Inaugurating the range is the Bolide 80, currently under construction in house by Victory, with the partnership of Persico Marine and under the supervision of Eugenio Voltolina, project manager and inspiring member of the design team.

Bolide 80, a full carbon fibre masterpiece with custom reinforcements made by Hyper Muscle Yacht, is probably the fastest yacht in the world, capable of travelling comfortably and safely at 55 knots cruising speed, or sprint up to 75 knots, using MAN diesel engines supplied by Ranieri & Tonissi, technology partners for Victory.


Performance and watertightness are guaranteed by the famous Victory hulls, combined with the patented T-Drive propulsion system  by  Flexitab & TS with its composite flaps. A futuristic design, originating from Centro Stile Victory, dedicated to the great Italian designers.

The interiors have been created to highlight Italian values, with visible carbon fibre together with prestigious leathers, hand stitched by the best artisans, lightened marble in the bathrooms and advanced domotics for unprecedented comfort. Plans for the Bolide range include the construction of a limited number of models ranging from 60 to 170 feet: 9 models plus 1 in the case of the Bolide 80, with each one individually numbered.


Brunello Acampora’s innovative and ambitious vision is to create a model of vessels similar to a high performance hyper car, masterfully bringing together  design and technology, classic and futuristic materials, and creating a singular piece. “These are true collector pieces – explains Acampora – custom built, not in series, where each yacht is a unique and exclusive vessel.

Even in the case of the Bolide 170, the Human Machine Interface (HMI) is well curated with technological partners like Boening and Xenta. The yacht will be able to manoeuvre at its 70 knots maximum speed, in its turbine and electric engine version.


A Formula 1 worthy range which is easy and safe to navigate, reaching high performance with a reduced consumption of 50% per mile compared to yachts of similar length, thanks to its technological assets.

The design of the Bolide 170 has been curated by the engineers of Victory for both a multi-motor diesel version, with a sprint speed of 50 knots, and a special hybrid version, with 4 gas turbines and electric engine, capable of reaching 70 knots.

In the diesel version, the hull is in light alloy and the superstructure is in carbon fibre, with six MAN 2,200 horsepower engines using a never-before-seen triple staggered geometry, two electric engines and a T-Drive propulsion system by Flexitab & TS with six surface propellers, with no need to install generators.


The 4 gas turbine version has a composite hull and electric hybrid apparatus with the latest generation battery pack. The layout of the Bolide 170 has large open spaces for daily living in harmony with the water and surrounding nature. In addition to the owner’s suite there are also 4 guest cabins and an ample crew area.

The design of the large interior spaces was conceived for conviviality, meticulously preserving privacy, with special routes for the owner and their guests, while respecting the needs of the crew. The architect, Stefano Faggioni, joined the Victory team to bring to the interiors of the Bolide the elegance of Italian design and seaworthiness with his years of experience, as well as luxury through the use of brand name products alongside leatherwork with visible sewing, typical of Italian artistry.


To the stern is the large beach club, much larger than other vessels of similar size, with a collapsible terrace transforming it into a ‘seaside’ pool, together with the other pool located in the solarium to the bow, above the tender and toys area.

These have been created for collectors – notes Brunello Acampora – and for those who love the excitement of speed, enjoying it, however with safe, updated vessels, that also have a reduced impact on the environment.”

As with the rest of the Bolide range, even the 170 foot model can include amongst its strong points contained consumption and emission reduction, without sacrificing speed. It is the biggest yacht with a stepped hull, resulting from years of experience and months of study by the Victory CFD team, who have also deposited two patents.

Brunello Acampora makes innovation and care the key to his work. The company he founded 33 years ago has always worked in R&D, which it then transfers to manufacturing. Italian, but English in training, having studied Yacht & Boat Design at the Solent University in Southampton, Acampora works within the concept of ‘total design’, a vision of design as a flowing together of art, science and technology where functionality and performance work hand in hand with shape and elegance and the owner’s experience.

Victory Design has always worked with the idea of creating “ranges”. Each project has so many innovations that it creates its own, singular DNA and can be declined into a product line: from the Dolphin by Mochi Craft to the success of Solaris Power. And with the Bolide project he proves that he has no rivals in quality, innovation and ambition.



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