Riva El-Iseo: a full electric version of an iconic model

The Riva El-Iseo runabout, a combination of tradition and innovation, inaugurates the brand’s new E-Luxury segment, looking to the future

16 April 2024 | by Redazione

Riva El-Iseo, the new full electric runabout inaugurating the E-Luxury segment for the historical shipyard, belonging to the Ferretti Group, is a perfect combination of tradition and innovation.


Designed by Mauro Micheli and Sergio Beretta, founders of Officina Italiana Design, in partnership with the Comitato Strategico di Prodotto and the Engineering Management Department of the Group, the new boat is inspired by the design of its predecessor, Iseo. “Stylistically, we made a few changes – explain Mauro Micheli and Sergio Berettamodernising the design and making it more contemporary. But more for effect rather than substance, because the Iseo already has a very well balanced design. The modifications made make the Riva El-Iseo stand out as something respectful to the environment.

This 8.4 metre (27 foot) open is ideal for use as a tender on a yacht, or for reaching shallow waters, but is also great for use in lakes, as it is created for sustainable navigation. The elegant hull integrates a Parker GVM310 electric engine by the American multinational company, Parker Hannifin. Propulsion that guarantees speed and acceleration, thanks to a peak performance of 250/300kW, for a cruising speed of 25 knots and a maximum speed of 40, with an acceleration curve that is superior to boats of the same size using an endothermic engine. For additional safety, the Autotrim helps regulate the stern drives,and the Zipwake interceptor corrects the balance.

It is also equipped with a high density lithium battery pack by Podium Advanced Technologies, efficient, extremely light and lasting 10 times longer than lead-acid batteries. Traditionally rechargeable or “fast charging” (20-80% charge in 75 minutes) through plugs located under the port side steel grille, it has a redundant configuration, meaning there are two independent blocks so that, in case one breaks down, the entire system’s function is not compromised. Waterproof and liquid cooled, they are easy to inspect (placed under the bimini case between the dinette and sun area), and are thermally extra-insulated using a special carbon fibre material, that is light but high performing, derived from the aerospace industry.


Thanks to the research carried out in safety, Riva El-Iseo is the first full-electric boat to be certified by Rina for Category B (designed to withstand an 8-force wind and 4 metre wave height), a level that is rarely assigned to open motorboats.

Riva’s greatest strength – notes Alberto Galassi, CEO for Ferretti Group – from the beginning has been to win all the design challenges of its time, combining knowledgeable artistry with new technology. The Riva El-Iseo is not only the most beautiful full-electric motorboat in the world, it is also proof that investing in research and development open new ways to be sustainable and take care of the environment. It is also the first in its segment to obtain Category B certification from Rina, yet another sign that Riva is at the forefront in terms of boating safety.”


Although the design has changed from its successful predecessor, El-Iseo still uses traditional elements like polished mahogany on deck and steel for the stern platform and lateral grilles, a new bridge equipped with advanced digital instruments (navigation modes: Adagio, Andante and Allegro) inspired by car design.

What is interesting – say the pair of designers from Officina Italiana Design – is the colour choice for the first unit, Californian Blue which not only highlights the sustainable qualities of the boat, but also is beautiful to look at, contributing to the harmony of the design, with a beautiful play in contrasts between the colour and the mahogany to the bow and stern. This wood ties in to the Riva tradition, together with the steel details. We also kept the aquamarine stripe, as a distinctive trait and connection to the past, and coloured the hull white, like in the first motorboats.


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