Designer Fulvio De Simoni talks to DN: “This is how the NOLIMITS new brand began”

Fulvio De Simoni, yacht designer for the new fleet of crossovers, NOLIMITS, for the Viareggio-based shipyard, Rossinavi, shares with us how he developed the design.

8 March 2024 | by Marcella Ottolenghi

Architect, Fulvio De Simoni, yacht designer for a number of successful vessels, and founder of his own studio, has worked on the new NOLIMITS brand for Rossi family, Rossinavi founder. Just a few days after the presentation of the first five crossovers of the NOLIMITS fleet and the sale of the first NL45, Daily Nautica interviewed him, to find out more about this new range.

How did the new NOLIMITS project begin?

It all started when we noticed that all shipyards have a range of semi-custom vessels, which, for some larger brands, also become a series. This leads to recuperating a large amount of design time, while also allowing the owner to personalise his vessel in decor, equipment and fittings. We spoke with the owners at Rossinavi and came up with the idea of creating the semi-custom yacht range for new brand NOLIMITS.

How did the idea develop?

We focused on long and silent navigation, setting solid bases on which to work, together with the owner, on all his needs.

In regards to style, what makes the NOLIMITS brand stand out?

After the first vessel we made with Rossinavi, Aurora, we found that we had great style synergy with the company, which led us to creating 5 custom vessels together, currently under construction, ranging between 45 and 62 metres. Borne from this shared idea and skill in turning client desires into reality, the new range came to be, and this will also help the shipyard to expand.

At what point is the design for these yachts?

We had positive feedback, so we are moving ahead. We aren’t revealing everything, and are slowly sharing the work we are doing, but the design is quite far along.

What is your opinion on the increased demand for explorer models, created for long voyages but with a high level of comfort?

More than a desire to explore, I believe that, in this period, which is so complex for many reasons, there is this desire in people, and more so in those who can afford it, to leave society behind, taking a step back and think about a new way of living, far from the crowds and complications. One of the clients we are working on a custom commission with, will be leaving with his children to travel around the entire world for a year. In a French shipyard, I spoke to people who have already travelled around the world more than once, and even those who can’t do that are trying, by choosing an explorer, to put themselves into a position to do so one day.

In regards to engines, do you believe hybrid or electric engines are feasible?

I have already designed two electric vessels and am currently working with Rossinavi in building another electric vessel, which will be launched before the summer: the interesting aspect, in this case, is taking a step forward in thinking about the electric autonomy of the yacht by using renewable energy. This field is moving forward rapidly, even though I still believe there are many problems to resolve: the problem with batteries first and foremost, and in recycling and sustainability of its components.

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