Who are the boating influencers? LN looked them up online

From Instagram to YouTube, Liguria Nautica has identified some of the best known influencers in the boating industry.

4 August 2020 | by Redazione
boating influencers
Boating influencers

Bloggers, YouTubers, Instagrammers, photographers, video makers, journalists, passionate on a topic that post quality content regularly on their preferred social channels. These are influencers, people with authority, skill and charisma, capable of engaging and influencing their community of followers on different channels, from social media, like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, to websites or blogs.

Influencers are people who have built an online reputation thanks to their knowledge and passion for a particular field, becoming over time, an authority. Some influencers are even trendsetters in their fields, capable of interacting with their followers and steering them in their choices and purchases.

The most famous influencers are in fashion, food, information technology, and fitness. But who are the boating influencers? Liguria Nautica has identified some for you…


Alex Jimenez, who has always loved yachts, began photographing all the ones he could find. Now he is invited on board private yachts by owners and brokers, to take photographs and share which ones are for sale or available for charter. The Yacht Guy is the result of a great passion united with a tool such as Instagram, the perfect social platform for sharing photographs. Now his profile has over 850 thousand followers and is continuing to grow, while he takes a helicopter from one yacht to the next.


David Seal is a broker, writer, blogger, “on a relentless search for client satisfaction”, as can be read on his LinkedIn profile. His YouTube channel, Yachts for Sale has 134 thousand subscribers and showcases a number of videos of super yachts from around the world available for sale or charter.


Another YouTuber well known in the boating world is the Genoese Maurizio Bulleri, the former motorboat champion known for his program, “The Boat Show”, produced by Sky Sport Arena and broadcast around the world in eight different languages. Maurizio Bulleri, who has been recently interviewed by Liguria Nautica, and was a part of the judging panel for our competition “The sea from a child’s view: an adventure on my boat”, pilots vessels of different sizes and types and describes them in detail. The YouTube channel, The Boat Show has over 200 thousand subscribers and on Instagram it is followed by over 21 thousand followers.


Konrad Bergström is the Swedish entrepreneur who founded X Shore, known for its manufacture of electric vessels, especially tenders for yachts that are completely electric. Konrad Bergström has become one of the symbols for electric boating. He has his own website and is very active on LinkedIn.


Diane M. Byrne, a journalist specialised in superyachts, founder and authoritative voice of Mega Yacht News, has covered some apex roles in the International Superyacht Society and is now the co-owner of Superyacht Storytellers.

At a time when the web and social media is a constant part of our daily lives, being an influencer is not only an opportunity to make money, it is especially the chance to become a true opinion leader in your field.


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