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Jotun is a Norwegian company founded in 1926. It is currently in ninth place in the rankings of paint companies in the world: its headquarters are located in Sandrfjord but it has branches in over 100 countries around the world.

Jotun has been one of the main manufacturers in the world in paint, and powder coating for over 90 years. Its founder, Odd Gleditsch senior, purchased, in 1931, the patent rights for Arcanol which, thanks to its excellent antirust property, became the company’s first great success.

At the beginning of the 50s, Jotun launched on the market another product, Drygolin (still popular today) and opened a new, larger facility, dedicated exclusively to research and development which, today, is one of the biggest centres for research and development in Norway.

In 1953 came a change in sales with Fenom, an opaque thixotropic interior paint based on an alkyd resin, and which allowed Jotun to expand into the retail market; in 1956 came Trebitt, a dual-component product that helped enliven homes with clear signs of ageing.

In the 60s, Jotun opened its first branches around the world, first in Libya (1962) and then in Thailand (1968), and in 1970 it acquired Henry Clark & Sons accessing the international delivery sector.

Jotun’s growth has always been consistent over time: the company is now present in 45 countries and has 37 manufacturing facilities in 21 countries. With nearly 10 thousand employees, the company has an operative turnover of approximately 16 million NOK.

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