Cantieri Sant’Orsola

Cantieri Sant'Orsola: a company working in the storage, mooring, assistance, charter/rental, and sale of pleasure boats

Address: Via degli Aranci, 1 - 16035 Rapallo (GE)

Cantieri Sant’Orsola is a shipyard founded in 1960 which has developed into an important local and national business. San Michele di Pagana (part of Rapallo) is where its original facility is located: once the head office, it now houses the offices and offers storage services for vessels up to 12m long.

In order to respond to the increasing market demands and client needs, the company recently opened a boathouse in Terrarossa (Carasco). The new facility includes 2,000 m² of covered area and approximately 1,500 m² of open area, in which not only do they offer winter storage, but also carry out a number of different works, from varnishing to spray and brush painting, woodworking and fibreglass works.

The company offers the following services to its clients:

  • storage;
  • mooring;
  • assistance;
  • rental/charter;
  • sales (Beneteau motor boats).

Mooring services are located in the port of Santa Margherita Ligure, on a floating Ingemar pier: the pier is equipped with all types of water and electricity services for vessels up to 20 metres and offers clients a relaxation area with Wi-Fi service and weather station open 24/7. The staff, professional and qualified, works daily in maintaining the docked vessels, guaranteeing assistance throughout the day, and nighttime security services.

Assistance services include:

  • procedures, including licence renewal, RTF certification, insurance, leasing, RINA certification;
  • news, weather-sea forecasts, notifications from the Port Authority;
  • inspections of rafts, dinghies, fire extinguishers and shipboard equipment (in partnership with specialised and authorised CEE qualified businesses);
  • installation of electronics and on board systems and maintenance of inboard and outboard engines, electricity generators and electric systems (carried out by authorised professionals).

Rental/charter service (with or without nautical licence) is offered through the Santa Margherita Ligure site and offers excursions to reach and visit some of the most beautiful locations in Liguria, including the Cinque Terre, Sestri Levante and Portofino. The fleet is constantly updated and vessels are maintained to the highest standard.

Cantieri Sant’Orsola use top quality products and materials, keeping step with the times and innovation. In addition, they pay particular attention to the environment using, as much as possible, biodegradable and low environmental impact products, as well as organising their facilities in a manner as to recuperate water from cleaning and the overwintering of engines in special tanks, where the water is chemically cleaned before being poured out.

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