Cantieri Sangermani

Cantieri Sangermani: working in the construction, repair, maintenance, brokerage, management, and restoration of pleasure boats

Address: Via dei Devoto, 235 – 16033 Lavagna (GE)

Cantieri Sangermani is a shipyard which has been designing and building sailing and motor yachts for over a century, creating unique and timeless vessels, bringing together the best in aesthetics and functionality, excellent performance and the best in comfort, innovation and classic design.

Every Sangermani yacht is a masterpiece of efficiency and refinement, built by hand with exclusive materials by highly qualified artisans, experts in every kind of repair and capable of undertaking a wide range of services including:

  • carpentry;
  • joinery;
  • system design;
  • engineering;
  • metalworking;
  • teak decking;
  • painting;
  • design;
  • composite work.

Just like no two clients are the same, there are no two Sangermani boats that are identical: thanks to personalised service (to meet client needs and necessities) based on the highest standards of artistry, vessels created by this company continue to satisfy and surpass the expectations of their owners. And it is this high level of artistry and attention to detail that allows for the production of high quality boats that last for generations.

In addition, Cantieri Sangermani offers services for:

  • repairs;
  • maintenance;
  • brokerage;
  • yacht management;
  • restoration.

In particular, great care is reserved to restoring vintage (built before 1950) and classic (built after 1950) vessels. The shipyard follows these projects from their inception to their completion, without overlooking any historical and cultural research, a fundamental basis for any restoration work. Cantieri Sangermani can recreate original details in full respect of the original materials and design, designs which are studied minutely before being worked on. The works needing to be done require excellent dexterity and knowledge of traditional construction techniques, both a specialisation of Cantieri Sangermani.

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