Cantieri Navali di La Spezia

Cantieri Navali di La Spezia: working in the storage, set up, refitting, repair, and restoration of pleasure craft

Address: Viale San Bartolomeo, 422 - 19126 La Spezia

Cantieri Navali di La Spezia is a shipyard that has, for over 40 years, been working on sail, motor and vintage boats in all materials (fibreglass, steel, metal alloys, wood, composites).

The shipyard covers a surface area of 23,000 m², of which half is made up of the service area and the other half is divided into 4 warehouses, all equipped with fire prevention systems, compressed air systems, water and electric:

  • Warehouse N°1A → varnishing, resin and composite processing, work on metal or light alloy, hull smoothing, sanding;
  • Warehouse N°1B (specialised in working on vintage boats and located next to the joinery) → joinery and wood working and treatments;
  • Warehouse N°2 → for winter storage of vessels;
  • Warehouse N°3 → engine assistance, mechanical assistance, winter storage;
  • Warehouse N°4 (built in 2002, it can house vessels up to 50m) → varnishing, resin and composite processes, work on vintage vessels, interior decoration and set up.

In addition, the shipyard is equipped with floating piers, equipped for vessels of up to 60m in length, clients have access to the following laboratories:

  • work in fibreglass and body work;
  • joinery;
  • mechanical and metalworking garage;
  • carpentry work with leading companies in the industry.

Cantieri Navali di La Spezia offer a number of solutions for winter storage (covered or open) for all types of vessels and guarantee a number of services including:

  • towage;
  • high or low pressure washing of the hull;
  • dismasting and remasting;
  • diving assistance for lifting;
  • renewal of teak surfaces;
  • systems and electronics;
  • non-destructive ultrasound analysis on masts and hulls to identify any cracks;
  • application of antifouling by roller or using the airless method;
  • any ordinary maintenance (external and internal cleaning, teak treatments, polishing etc.) upon client request.

The company uses the latest technology and works in partnership with qualified professionals and highly specialised staff in the boating industry, and well as with a wide range of suppliers for the procurements of any type of material or equipment.

The shipyard has the most modern and safe equipment for moving vessels of any size and weight:

  • 140 tonne travel lift;
  • 100 tonne travel lift;
  • 30 tonne crane;
  • travel tank (5.50m depth by 8m width);
  • trailer for the transport of masts;
  • 5 tonne fork lift;
  • pneumatic telescopic pantograph platform 8.20m in height;
  • pneumatic telescopic pantograph platform 10m in height;
  • forklift;
  • 12m jointed arm;
  • 3 lifting trailers for the land transport of vessels of 20, 40 and 100 tonnes.

The facilities also include service offices including:

  • work planning offices;
  • shipyard management office;
  • warehouse for materials and equipment;
  • container hire;
  • thermal cover for vessels;
  • emergency dock;
  • disposal of solid and liquid special waste.

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