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Address: Zona Porto 2/3 - 17100 Savona

Azimut Yachts is a well known Italian company belonging to the Azimut Benetti Group, the biggest network in the production of mega yachts and the top private group in the world for luxury boating.

Azimut Yachts dates back to 1969, when the young university student, Paolo Vitelli founded Azimut Srl and with that began working in sail boat charter. The following year, well known brands in the industry entrusted the business with distributing their vessels in Italy and, in a short time, Azimut further expanded its working sphere adding to distribution with the design of new yachts.

In 1985 the company acquired the historical shipyard Benetti and then began building their own ships, defining new style and industrial standards which would revolutionise the entire nautical sector. From the end of the Nineties on, with the acquisition of new shipyards in Fano, the renovation of the Benetti shipyards in Viareggio, and the construction of a new facility in Avigliana (TO), Azimut ensured that they became leaders in the production of yachts and mega yachts. A position which was reinforced over the following years thanks to a number of commercial successes and a brilliant investment policy aiming at reinforcing the technological skills and productivity of the company, which now also has facilities in Brazil.

Thanks to a vast distribution network and the highest building standards in the world for the serial production of boats,  Azimut Yachts is able to establish a continuing and long-lasting relationship with its clients. Production and processing systems monitor the complete flow, from testing through to the supply and delivery of the finished product, in order to find any defects early on in the process.

From design to technology, materials and components, everything in Azimut Yachts responds to one superior criteria: quality. Criteria that the company is able to follow by reinvesting, for over forty years, their profit back into the business and therefore into staff training, technological research, product development and the renewal of facilities and systems. Thanks to a careful eye for detail, the use of high quality and high performance materials, and great Italian creativity, the company is able to create vessels with a distinct style and timeless beauty that represent the best of Italian craftsmanship in the world.

In addition, the leadership position that the company has in the pleasure boating industry, has motivated Azimut Yachts to also become a leader in environmental sustainability, both in production processes and products, like for example the use of hybrid propulsion engines which allow for quieter sailing and reduced consumption. As well as high performing propellors, LED lighting, anti-UV film applied to glazing to improve heat efficiency, eco-sustainable materials and even the introduction of nanotechnology to develop a longer lasting antifouling system with a reduced impact on the marine environment.

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