Mercury Marine revolution: the Verado V12 600hp outboard with steering is at the top of the market

Mercury marine presents its new Verado V12 600 hp engine, redefining performance standards for outboards. The steering rudder is independent under the water, while the engine stays still

20 February 2021 | by Redazione

The outboard engine revolution has arrived and it has come around thanks to  Mercury Marine And especially for those of 600 hp installed to the stern, with the first steering rudder in the industry installed on an outboard.

Mercury Marine, a division of the Brunswick Corporation, launched the new outboard engine, Verado V12, 7.6 litres, 600hp revolutionising the market for high power outboard engines. Indeed this is the most powerful and versatile outboard on the market, whose innovative characteristics can be used for a wide range of applications.

Boats are becoming increasingly bigger – notes Chris Drees, chairman for Mercury Marine – and as a consequence the expectations regarding performance grow as well: for this reason, pleasure boaters are looking for high powered solutions that are more efficient with better performance to satisfy their needs. The Verado V12 outboard is Mercury’s answer.”

With the strength of our advanced design skills – adds Drees – we have revolutionised the performance concept for outboard engines. The Verado V12 offers pleasure boaters a level of freedom, elegance and power with no equals, putting them in the condition to cultivate their passion for the water. It is an extraordinary engine which will change the future of boating.


The steering rudder of the Mercury Verado V12

As the first V12 outboard in the world, the Verado 600hp has an aspirated high cylinder  motor block with a double overhead cam. It creates an impressive set, giving heavy vessels a remarkable acceleration from standstill and allows them to quickly reach planing speed and then cruising speed.

V12 is the engine of “firsts”. It has the first automatic two-step transmission installed on an outboard, which streamlines the engine based on load, for extreme acceleration and high efficiency at cruising speed.

In addition, it also has the first steering rudder installed on an outboard, which can be turned independently underwater, while the engine block remains still, reducing bulk to a minimum. This solution creates more space for multi engine configuration and supplies a wider tack angle, guaranteeing more agile manoeuvres.

Thanks to the counter-rotating propellers, the engine has a better grip on the water, making docking and manoeuvres in tight spaces easier. Much of Mercury’s advanced technology is working together to give the Verado V12 lower fuel consumption and higher autonomy.

The Verado V12 is a high-powered outboard – explains Drees – capable of offering pleasure boaters everything they desire, and more. This engine also makes boats easy to manoeuvre when docking and improves handling in all cases. It also has an incredibly high autonomy, allowing pleasure boaters to go further and stay out longer. It is so fluid and quiet that it is easy to talk while the engine is on. It is resistant, reliable and easy to maintain. Verado v12, in short, has no equals on the market.

The development of the Verado V12 outboard is the result of Mercury’s continuing efforts and investment in research and the expansion of manufacturing: an investment of at least 1.5 billion dollars from 2008 to the present.


We have invested a notable amount of money and years of work – says Tim Reid, vice chairman for Research and Development for Mercury Marine – to improve our ability to transform our most creative ideas into practical, functional and reliable solutions. All this work has put us in the ideal position to anticipate and respond to changes in the market. We have paid a lot of attention to the needs and desires of pleasure boaters, and have created new products with the aim of superseding their highest expectations.

The Mercury Marine Verado V12 outboard will be available on the European and Mediterranean markets in summer 2021.


Giuseppe Orrù

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