Ferretti publishes the first sustainability report in the boating industry. The CEO Galassi: “In order to grow, corporate responsibly is fundamental”

Ferretti Group is the first group in the boating industry to formally begin a formal corporate responsibility process.

16 January 2021 | by Redazione
Some of the models by Ferretti Group

Ferretti Group has published the first sustainability report for its activities. Once again ahead of the rest, even in a field of basic importance like environmental sustainability, Ferretti Group shows it has begun to take a virtuous path by focussing on minimising the environmental impact of its manufacturing processes and of its vessels, promoting measures for increased and further corporate social responsibility.

Based on an analysis of materials, topics have been identified that could have the most impact on business and the indicators to be used to measure them, grouping them into four fields that, year after year, will be further studied and will allow for the measuring of Ferretti Group’s social and environmental performance. The four fields are: innovation and luxury, environmental impact of manufacturing processes, value for the local area, and human capital.


For Ferretti Group sustainability begins with the quality and excellence that make its vessels stand out: research and development activities concentrate, therefore, on the use of high performance and sustainable materials and on the reduction of energy consumption. For interior design the wood used comes from certified forests, managed according to rigorous environmental, social and economic standards.  The use of carbon fibre guarantees, instead a noticeable lightening of the hull, so as to build more efficient yachts that use less fuel.


The Group is also at the forefront in research on hybrid engines and on new technology allowing to reduce the weight of the hull, as well as making work in the shipyard more efficient. In this sense, the ISO 14001 certification for environmental management systems, obtained at the La Spezia site, is the starting point towards an integrated management of the environmental systems in all manufacturing processes; just as the IMO Tier III certification is, obtained by CRN, the first shipyard in Italy to have achieved this result for a 62 metre megayacht. The Group has also installed a trigeneration system in Ancona for the production of clean energy, heat and cooling.

The Ferretti shipyard working on superyachts


Fundamental aspects are, at the same time, those that regard the social sphere and include the effects on the local area, and on the entire supply chain, as well as the centrality of the human capital. The supply chain for Ferretti Group, which includes over 2,500 workers, covers over 85% of Italy and it is in Italy that over 75% of the total economic value generated is distributed. In this way, they contribute to employment and the growth of small and mid-sized enterprise, as well as artisans, with whom they have had partnerships for a long time. This partnership allows suppliers for the Group to develop specific processes and know-how and to work in the global market, thereby generating development and innovation.


Thanks to all the enacted measures, including the complete sanitisation of the manufacturing process through to delivery, Ferretti Group has obtained the RINA Biosafety Trust Certification, the first voluntary certification for the prevention and control of infections, in protecting their over 1,500 workers and their clients. The Group has also created an insurance policy that covers all their employees, and protects them in the case they test positive for the virus.

The policy, confirmed also for 2021, is added to another that focuses directly on the staff: 1,500 oximeters have been distributed to the employees. The decision to supply oximeters was made through consultation with Professor Luca Richeldi, the head of Pneumology at the Policlinico Gemelli di Roma and a member of the Comitato Tecnico Scientifico, who, together with Ferretti Group created, in March, the health plan used to help keep everyone safe during the most critical phase of the pandemic.


In order to grow and keep ourselves stable at the top of the industry – explains the lawyer, Alberto Galassi, chief executive officer for Ferretti Group – it is fundamental to work on the economic, environmental, and social impact that our business creates on the local areas in which we work. There is no sales success that can’t go hand in hand with corporate responsibility.

In the last few years, Ferretti Group has grown and developed quickly – concludes the CEO – bringing to the boating industry beauty and innovation. There are many stakeholders who look to us and interact with us: their needs and expectations on the topic of sustainability is important in defining the actions that we carry out daily to manage and mitigate the impact of our growth strategies. For this reason, and to prove our corporate responsibility, we have decided to start a formal process that has led to our drafting of the first sustainability report in the Italian boating industry.”


Giuseppe Orrù

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