Enjoying a 43 metre mega yacht at the cost of a 22 metre one: shared ownership has also begun in the pleasure boating industry

Floating Life presents Dream K43, an innovative 43 metre created to be shared by multiple owners, according to two new models of shared ownership. With the aim of also going around the world.

24 May 2020 | by Redazione
Ocean Pearl is a shared ownership yacht by Floating Life

The luxury of a 43 metre yacht at the cost of a 22 metre one. This is now possible thanks to shared ownership, a phenomenon which is already widespread in villas, and exclusive residences in some of the most beautiful locations in the world, but which now can also be applied to yachting, thanks to Floating Life, a management and charter company for yachts and super yachts, founded in 2002 in Switzerland by Andrea Pezzini, director and co-founder, and Barbara Tambani, CEO and co-founder.

Floating Life offers a number of exclusive and custom services for owners, satisfying any needs and desires: from baggage management on board to crew organisation and uniforms, through to the management of the yacht, including any extension of the holiday on land in a grand hotel.


In addition to management services for yachts, the company also works in the charter market and is experienced in shared ownership. Since 2009 it has been working in this sector managing the yachts for Yacht Plus. These are three 41 metre yachts built by Rodriguez shipyards and specifically designed by archistar Sir Norman Foster: Ocean Emerald, Ocean Pearl and Ocean Sapphire. Floating Life has created a rotational management system with strict regulations that even now, 10 years on, is still a success.

With the strength of Andrea Pezzini’s years of experience – before founding the company he worked for a long time as a surveyor, technical manager and even designer for a number of well-known shipyards, from Picchiotti to Tecnomarine and Amico – the company decided to raise the bar and expand their skill set to include yacht design with the Serie K created in partnership with Studio Sculli in Sarzana, which includes units of varying lengths, ranging from 36 to 45 metres, highly personalised.


The Dream K43 design is part of Serie K and is the first yacht which will be sold under shared ownership to 7 owners, according to two new and modern models compared to the previous one developed on Ocean Pearls, which currently has 8 owners, while the twins Ocean Emerald and Ocean Sapphire now belong to two different owners.

The buyers can enjoy longer ownership periods (in slots of 8-10 days and even longer) and decide between two types of shared ownership: by yacht portion (Fractional Ownership) or time period (Time Sharing).

In the second case, the user will not be the owner of the yacht, and therefore will have no management responsibility, except for the use of time acquired. This formula also allows for the subletting to a third party, thereby earning money in the period the yacht is not being used by that person directly.

“Shared ownershipnotes Andrea Pezzini – allows more people to buy yacht fractions that are normally unreachable and reserved to a select few, given their cost. The owner can also personalise their portion of the property with artwork, family photos, books, linens, and the organisation is directly managed by Floating Life.”

Owners can therefore bring on board and leave on the yacht everything to make them feel at home, and they will find it on board again when they go back on board. “We have our own huge warehouse – explains Pezzini – where we store objects and even children’s games. With Dream K43, we are even aspiring to organise a trip around the world.”


Dream K43 is an extremely luxurious expedition yacht, with a steel hull and superstructure in aluminium, completely glassed for better sharing of the space. It is part of Serie K, which in aesthetics and performance is reminiscent of explorer vessels, reliable vessels capable of travelling around the world and therefore of sailing in cold waters, with all the comforts of the most luxurious yachts.

It is a very versatile vessel, which is easily personalised in the areas owned. The interior, generous and rational, has multifunctional recreational areas and relaxation and wellbeing areas that are fully equipped. The design also includes two pools one with freshwater and one with salt water, and the forward area is home to an owner suite with large windows for breath taking views.

This is an idea for sailing which revolutionises the concept of ownership: no longer a proprietary ownership (with all the associated responsibilities), but, above all, people enjoying the dream.


Giuseppe Orrù

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