Rive 68’ Diable: the latest irresistible temptation by Riva

Riva 68’ Diable is a new design by Riva and is a unique open yacht with a high concentration of sportiness, innovation and liveability.

29 May 2021 | by Redazione

The latest temptation by Riva has sporty lines, innovative elements and is called Riva 68’ Diable. The story of every boat made by Riva is something to explore in a multitude of directions, with infinite branches starting from an incomparable heritage, flowing together to create a work of nautical art, in line with a legendary style, creating a disruption in industry standards.

The design for the new Riva 68’ Diable has a prestigious predecessor in another open yacht of remarkable beauty, the Riva Diable, in turn modelled on the hull of the Riva Super America. This is how things are in Riva, and only in Riva: each model is a layering of ingenious ideas, style and techniques, continuously evolving yet never repudiating tradition.

Riva 68’ Diable is like a diamond in the range of open yachts under 70 feet, a market segment which Riva has been a leader in for some time thanks to its ability to innovate and create elite vessels, in line with the tastes and trends of the most demanding clients.

The design began, like all of Riva’s in the last 27 years, from the pen of Mauro Micheli, founder, together with Sergio Beretta of Officina Italiana Design,in partnership with Comitato Strategico di Prodotto chaired by Engineer Ferrari, and the Engineering Department of the Ferretti Group.

Elegance, sportiness and liveability are the key words of a project incorporating this exciting technological and design innovation, all of it permeated by that cultivated taste for tradition and detail, which is the current style of Riva.


One of the strongest points of this open yacht is liveability, thanks to the new hard top with its clean and linear design, where the technical and technological elements disappear from view, protecting and sheltering the central area of the vessel, meaning the dining area and the bridge of the main deck.

Also of interest is the roof that opens in two directions (forward and backward), certainly a source of wellbeing and joy during cruising. The furnishing of the cockpit includes two sun areas, one with a chaise-longue in front of the water and another that can be covered, together with the dining area, thanks to an automated sliding bimini integrated into the hard top.  Experiencing and sharing freedom and relaxation is also key to the forward area, at the top of its class for concept and space.


The layout of the lowers deck is focused on comfort, with 3 cabins available for 6 passengers, developed around an open space area where a galley and dinette make the environment versatile and comfortable: master, cabin and midship, double cabin with single beds to the left, VIP to the bow. Each cabin has its own bathroom.

And there are still many secrets and marvels yet to be revealed for the Riva 68’ Diable, the next irresistible temptation for any boat owner, or any lover of Riva style, launching in summer 2021.


Length f.t.: 20.67 m

Beam: 5.29 m


2 X MAN V12 power 1550 mhp / 1140 kW, 2300 g/min STD

2 X MAN V12 power 1650 mhp / 1213 kW, 2300 g/min OPT

Speed (preliminary):

Maximum = 37 knots (1550 mhp) / 40 knots (1650 mhp)

Maximum = 33 knots (1550 mhp) / 34 knots (1650 mhp)

Design Category = A.


Giuseppe Orrù

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