Riva presents the new Dolceriva hard top: a gem of design and comfort

The new Dolceriva hard top is an authentic display of style and elegance, perfect for a holiday sheltered from rain and heat.

22 June 2021 | by Redazione
Dolceriva hard top

Riva, a well-known brand belonging to the Ferretti Group, has presented their new Dolceriva hard top, an authentic display of style and elegance, perfect for a holiday sheltered from rain and heat. Its beauty is timeless, in all senses of the word, because not only will it continue to charm over the years to come, but it will be immune to weathering, thanks to its top in carbon fibre details, protecting the entire central area, and the relaxation areas, from sun and rain.

This Riva model, a 48’ open, created to fully enjoy on board life in incomparable comfort, has also been created to challenge the market with a number of unprecedented strong points, including, in addition to the previously mentioned hard top, a new exterior design, developed by Officina Italiana Design, which has created a new style range for all of Riva’s vessels, the full use of all spaces on board and an exciting abundance of details, calling on the unrivalled heritage of a brand encompassing nearly 180 years of boating history.

Created through the partnership with Officina Italiana Design, the design studio managed by Mauro Micheli and Sergio Beretta which has been designing the entire fleet for over 25 years, The Ferretti Group Engineering Department, and the Strategic Product Committee, the Dolceriva hard top is 14.92 metres long (48 ft) with a maximum beam of 4.26 metres (14 ft) and the originality of its exterior design brings together the signature elegance of Riva with the trends in the latest generation of runabouts, inspired by the automotive industry and an expression of a more sporty luxury.

The window design of the hull is the result of complex technical research by  Officina Italiana Design: generated by a stroke of black along the silver side, it moves up to the deck. This style solution has led to the creation of an original and innovative hull-top pairing with the stern area completely free from a rubbing strake, leaving space for an air intake made in carbon fibre with a steel trim. Making this vessel even more unique are aesthetic details, such as the wind screen made using innovative spherical crystals and characterised by a slight counter-curve, a detail which will become one of Riva’s signature styles.

The bow surface area of the deck has traditional polished mahogany, interspersed with a part in crystal and an incorporated skylight, allowing the cabin below deck to have natural light. The exterior of the polished mahogany has seams in white maple, while the interior has none and is a uniform colour. In the centre is a carter in aluminium alloy, a magnificent timeless object, completed with a mahogany bar for the attachment of the Riva standard, evoking the components of past models. A number of other details paying homage to Riva tradition can be seen throughout the deck, like the swimrail to the stern, side and bow in mahogany and steel and the mahogany boots on the bow. Steel is another dominating element, used as a separation between different components.

One of the strongest points and new additions to this open is the hard top, made in hybrid composite carbon fibre-vinyl ester material to ensure lightness, robustness and rigidity, necessary for the sporty characteristics of the Dolceriva, and studied to perfectly cover the outdoor cockpit and bridge. Not only but some sections of the hard top are made in steel in order to increase its grandeur and enhance its structure and design. It is also possible to enclose the entire area underneath using transparent awnings on the sides, bow and even the stern, as well as integrating an air conditioning system inside, in order to achieve a closed and climate controlled environment which can be enjoyed even in areas with extremely high temperatures.

The first unit of the Dolceriva hard top will be showcased in  Bridgeport, Connecticut from 16-17 June for the Steelpointe Yacht & Charter Show, where clients and owners can get on board and test it at sea.


The rounded stern, inspired by iconic models “Ariston” and “Tritone”, is reminiscent of a luxury sports car, a nod to car design used in a marine context. The gate, when closed, shows a structural bench, but when it is opened, it is collapsible and discloses integrated mahogany steps as well as a large surface area: by taking advantage of the stern and the beach area level, two ergonomic mattresses can be placed on the gate in order to enjoy the water in style. Again with the gate open there are other steps, on the sides of which are installed, two stowage areas for storing seabobs.

Having passed the two sun lounges, separated by a central walkway, is the cockpit which leads to the dinette at midship, furnished with two large sofas facing opposite each other and a collapsible central mahogany and stainless steel table that can seat up to 8 people. After the dinette is the bridge with seats for the pilot and co-pilot, enhanced by a number of details, like leather chrome-plated steel inserts and carbon fibre swimrail on the left of the windscreen.


A steel and crystal hatchway allows access to a luxurious open space made up of a dinette with a large sofa, kitchen, bathroom with separate shower and a wardrobe. A 43” inch TV is installed on the starboard gunwale. To the bow is the spacious owner’s cabin, with central bed, two wardrobes and drawers for storage, while the double cabin has two separable beds. The materials used for the interior are in perfect Riva style, with extracts, mirrored surfaces, steel and opaque and polished lacquers, leather and suede elements.


The Dolceriva hard top has V-Drive lineshaft propulsion and a pair of Volvo Penta D13 engines installed with 1000 Mhp at 2,400 rpm each (optional). In regards to performance, the maximum speed is 40 knots, and 35 knots is the cruising speed. The autotrim function is obtained through interceptor management, and the command bridge has two touch screens, one 12” and an optional second of 16”. It also includes the Empirbus, Garmin’s monitoring system which integrates a number of different functions, including visualising generator parameters and managing the Seakeeper stabilisers (if present), movement, and alarms.

The manoeuvring joystick (optional) has docking mode function, allowing for easy manoeuvres in close quarters, for example in English style docking, thanks to the handling with a combination of proportional propulsion and manoeuvring propellers on the bow. There is also to the option of driving mode, allowing the pilot to manoeuvre the vessel using just the joystick. Lastly, on request, a Seakeeper NG6 stabiliser can be installed, reducing rolling while in roads.


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