Jet-skis and tenders: GerrisBoats flies over the water without making waves

For GerrisBoats, 2022 opens with two innovative projects, brought together by their ability to “take-off” from the water at low speeds without making waves and sustainability

12 January 2022 | by Redazione
The GerrisTender

For GerrisBoats, 2022 opens with innovative projects: a jet-ski and a tender, brought together by their ability to “take-off” from the water at low speeds without making waves and sustainability.

The GerrisBoat philosophy, a start-up created by Massimo Verme, is to not run, to not just use electric, not just use less fuel with foils, but make navigation and embarkation more comfortable, without making waves and bringing the vessel to the same level as the dock.

A concept which is clearly seen in the GerrisBoats project for an electric water taxi, created to simplify embarking and disembarking passengers, and, above all, making boats accessible to everyone, including the differently-abled.


Once the Verme Yacht Design studio created and patented the GerrisBoats function, the design which won an award at the Genoa Boat Show 2021, the different variations came quickly. The most glamorous and the first to come to light is the GerrisTender, a luxury tender for mega yachts which will still have all the benefits of GerrisBoats.

The height-adjustable hull will allow for easier embarking and disembarking from the stern and the pier, also for women wearing heels. In addition, the “take-off” on the water thanks to the foils, will guarantee that passengers arrive at their destination “dry”, with no spray from the waves coming on board: one of the most common requests for tender owners.

GerrisTender is still an electric boat and therefore, can also be used for outings in protected marine areas, where it can navigate safely without creating waves, seeing as take-off takes place at reduced speeds.

The GerrisTender – explains Massimo Verme to Liguria Nautica – will become a finished product. At the moment there are talks with a large group who might sponsor and build the vessel. The lateral hull with adjustable height adds an element of safety in case there are issues with the flight system. In addition, GerrisTender, will have a retractable torpedo-shaped bulb, for storing the tender in the garage of a ship.”

This design – adds the designer – comes from the need to stay dry during transfer from the yacht to the pier and vice versa, It is an exclusively electric vehicle that flies, at adjustable height, to make embarkation easier. And obviously, it can also enter protected waters.


A prototype of MotoGerris

On 23 December, the GerrisBoats start-up received a Christmas gift: its capital reached over 100 thousand euros with no support from banks or crowdfunding.

The render drawings perhaps don’t best show the design created by Verme Yacht Design. And so they will create a show prototype of MotoGerris, a single-seater with full-electric foiling, that can be seen in the water at the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge, from 4 to 9 July 2022.

We want to start with a concrete demonstration design model – notes Massimo Verme – with technology we can show. We want to show how it works, financing it with our own money, to bring it to the Monaco Energy Challenge.

MotoGerris will be built “at home”, using fixed lateral hulls that will not lift, and it will have electric and propeller propulsion. It will be able to take off at 6 or 7 knots. Initially, the prototype’s engine will be 10 kw, so as not to go faster than 12 knots.

In addition to being a prototype – says Massimo Verme – it will be a luxury water toy, a jet-ski allowing people to enter a protected marine area, travelling at low speeds without making waves, thanks to foils that activate at just 6 knots. In addition, it will be made using recycled materials.


Giuseppe Orrù



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