Candela Seven: the evolution of electric boats to fly over the water

Candela Seven is an electric boat that can travel at sustained speed with an autonomy equivalent to combustion boats

5 August 2021 | by Redazione

Candela Seven” (C-7) is ready for lift-off. The full-electric “flying” motorboat-hydrofoil was created by the Stockholm start-up, Candela Speed Boat.

We can truly talk about lift-off because of the hydrofoil technology used, with the use of a foil under the keel, the hull of the boat lifts up reducing the friction of the water by approximately 80%. The foil, completely submerged, works like “underwater wings”, like on Luna Rossa, making it possible to navigate long distances with only the energy from the battery.

Candela Seven is the first electric boat capable of travelling at a sustained speed with an autonomy equivalent to that of boats using combustion engines: the hydrofoil can travel quickly and silently at 22 knots in both fresh and salt water for over 50 nautical miles. The result is on average four times more than the best electric boats currently on the market and comes very close to boats of similar size using combustion engines.


Thanks to the foil halving friction, an advanced automated control system making the boat more stable and its light design, energy use is reduced by 75%.

The foils are fully retractable to simplify transport and storage and there is also a mode for sailing in shallow waters. Its carbon fibre construction, derived from the aviation industry, helps the spoiler: the bare hull is around 92 kg, while the navigation-ready boat weight 1300kg.

Making the whole thing work is a complex software that receives information for the external environment adjusting the position of the foil to navigation and guaranteeing stability, even in rough water or during tight turns. Comfort, therefore is much higher than that of a traditional motorboat, without wave impact. 

The 40 kW battery is positioned to the bow to maximise pitching stability and powers the Torqeedo Deep Blue 50R outboard motor.  The C-7 is curated in its design, and has a simple and elegant Nordic style, in spite of the weight of the foil and battery.

Charging is done through a 230V/16A plug and in 12 hours the batteries are fully charged, guaranteeing Candela Seven travelling for two hours at 25 knots, with a declared autonomy of 58 miles at cruising speed.


The Candela Seven can hold 6 passengers and costs €265,000.00 (VAT excluded). In Italy boaters can test, hire and purchase it from ABC Boats, Candela’s partner for the Mediterranean market, covering the lakes and sea, and can be contacted through the website, Instagram or directly via email at


  • Material:Carbon fibre
  • Length:7 m
  • Width:4 m
  • Weight:1300 kg
  • Capacity:6 people
  • Draught:5M in shallow water mode, 0.4 in flight, 1.3m with non planing foil
  • Engines:55 kW
  • Cruising Speed:22 kn
  • Maximum speed:30 kn
  • Lift-off speed:17 kn
  • Autonomy:50 NM at 22 kn + 8 NM at 5 kn in limp mode


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