What do you think about a walk to Castello Brown and the Faro di Portofino? Come with us!

Liguria Nautica takes you to Castello Brown and the Faro di Portofino

A visit to Castello Brown and the Faro di Portofino are a must if you are in the area of the Piazzetta. An excellent itinerary is to arrive from Santa Margherita through the Passeggiata dei Baci and in the afternoon visit these magnificent attractions: this is a marvelous and visually beautiful itinerary.



Length: approximately two hours.

Cost (excluding food): five euros (entry to Castello Brown).

Period: autumn/spring/summer.

Difficulty: easy.



Once we arrived in Portofino we decided to walk around the Piazzetta. We did’t have a precise destination, but wanted to get to know the area better, observing the details, enjoying the magnificent view: it is all very characteristic and attractive. We were lucky because the day was truly splendid and Portofino seemed to be crowned by the intense blue of the sea and sky. Tourists were everywhere and the ferries full of people went back and forth hectically, while a bit further on, we saw some colossal yachts dominating the bay. These are the immense mega yachts, immobile and silent guardians ready to awaken from one moment to the next.


We decided to move on with the itinerary and go to Castello Brown and the Faro di Portofino. We were near the pier, and a bit further on we noticed a fairly narrow staircase leading up. We reached a path and followed it for about fifteen minutes, finally reaching the entrance of Castello Brown. The building is surrounded by a beautiful garden full of flowers and roses, from here the view is breathtaking: we stopped for a few moments to admire the magnificence of Portofino from above. We decided to enter (tickets cost 5 euros) and visit the inside, even though the more appealing part is certainly the outside and the ample terrace overlooking the bay. Castello Brown was probably built around the tenth century and its strategic position has always been important, indeed, in 1435 the fort saved Portofino from the assault of the Venetian fleet. It is named after the English consul, Brown, who owned the building from 1867 to 1905, and who personally took care of the castle and the magnificent garden surrounding it.


After about thirty minutes we left and continued our walk towards the Faro di Portofino, you keep going in the same direction along the same path so it is quite simple. About an hour after we left, we arrived: the path turned to fully face the sea and we were entranced by its beauty. We arrived to the Lighthouse and it felt like being on the top of the world, it is hard to describe the feeling that the view can generate in our souls. Near the Faro [Lighthouse] is a small café and a panoramic terrace, having an aperitif here at sunset is truly sublime: we highly recommend it! The cost of a drink is practically double what you would pay anywhere else, but considering the location, the amount is acceptable.


We took a few more photos then decided to go back, our excursion to Castello Brown and the Faro di Portofino lasted (including the return walk to the Piazzetta) slightly less than two hours. It was nearly time for an aperitif and we were starting to feel a bit peckish: where should we go?



Spending the evening in Portofino is something truly unique, but obviously costs are quite high. A good compromise could be an aperitif, while, if you are wanting a proper meal we suggest returning to Santa Margherita.


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