A walk along the seaside of Lavagna

A relaxing walk to enjoy the fresh sea air in total tranquility

We thought about an easy route to help free the mind and relax the body. An excursion for everyone, but especially for those wanting to walk and relax without too much exertion.


The seaside walk along the Lungomare boardwalk in Lavagna really merits a visit. It must be noted that certain tracts are not well kept and that the itinerary could be improved, but from a visual point of view, it is a real spectacle. Often the towns in the Tigullio Gulf do not have very large beach areas, Lavagna is an exception: four kilometres that will leave you breathless!


The difficulty level is minimum, as long as you are used to walking a few kilometres: nothing too difficult.



  • Length: two hours (including a break).
  • Cost (excluding food and transport): zero euros.
  • Period: Year round



We decided to use the train station as the starting point for our walk along the Lungomare boardwalk in Lavagna. During the summer we suggest not using the car, because at certain times of the year it is truly difficult, if not impossible, to find parking. The train is certainly not the most comfortable option, but it is certainly the most practical: the line has a number of connections both to the east and west. The station is located right in between the Via Aurelia and the port area, you just need to take the underpass to reach our starting point. In front of us is the sea, to the left a wide expanse of sand extending for a few kilometres, and to the right is the marina. This is where our walk begins.


Anyone wanting to do the entire seaside walk can take the stairs and go down towards the sea: we decided to walk along the path to begin with. The view is breathtaking, in the summer, this area is full of tourists: it is one of the best known beaches in the Tigullio Gulf. The sun sets late, many decide to stop until sunset and eat sitting in front of this blue expanse: something everyone should absolutely try.


Lavagna Boardwalk: The Beach

After about twenty minutes’ walk, we notice something: the seaside walk in Lavagna has a beautiful landscape, but the area could be much improved. In certain parts the negligence is complete, there are a number of closed stores, with pop-up marquees that are only open in the summer or weekends with good weather, they certainly don’t make a positive impression on tourists. We walked on and reached a viewing area, a sort of terrace: noting how beautiful the view is, by now, superfluous, but we assure you we are not exaggerating.


It was now thirty minutes since we started and this area of the Lavagna boardwalk seems much better kept: some equipment has been added for those wishing to have a workout in front of the sea. The people deciding to jog along this part of the boardwalk are many: it is the perfect place for this type of exercise. A few meters on, the boardwalk ends and we went down to the beach to continue on towards Cavi.


It was a beautiful sunny day so we decided to lay out our towel we had packed away in our backpack. It was the best time of year to relax in the sun without suffering too much from the heat: we rested for about twenty minutes, then headed off again. We were nearly halfway through our itinerary along the Lavagna seaside, we walked for another ten minutes along the beach then turned back. In truth, we could have gone on, but after an hours’ walk preferred to head back to our starting point.



If you would like to enjoy a local dish, we suggest moving on to the historical centre of Lavagna: there are a number of trattorias and delis offering Ligurian dishes. An excellent option is to pack a picnic lunch: eating with a view like this in front of your eyes will make any sandwich taste incredible!


Paolo Bellosta

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