A Walk along the Chiavari Boardwalk

A relaxing walk along the Chiavari boardwalk: a panoramic itinerary not to be missed

A simple outing that is truly fascinating. A walk along the Chiavari boardwalk is ideal for relaxing, enjoying the sunshine and recharging your batteries after a long day at work. The view is truly breathtaking and the effort is minimal.



  • Length: an hour.
  • Cost (excluding food): zero euros.
  • Period: Year round



Our walk starts from the beginning of the boardwalk in Chiavari, as a point of reference we use the area of Colmata: coming out of this enormous parking area and turning left we are ready to begin our relaxing itinerary. This is a pleasant walk that can be done with little difficulty, the best time is April or May when the sun begins to warm but the hoards of tourists are still far off.


The Chiavari boardwalk is wide and over the years, the town has invested heavily to improve it. The first two-hundred metres are spacious, which is unusual in the east of Liguria, then, the closer it gets to the entrance of the marina, the narrower it is. After ten minutes’ walk, we cross over a graceful wooden bridge and pass the port area.


We decide to take a little detour to the left to go onto a platform separating the marina of Chiavari from the swimming area. In front of us are the beaches, this area is well taken care of: in the summer season visitors can play beach volleyball, in the numerous courts available, or accompany younger children on the bouncy castles. Years ago, this spacious area was desolate, it was unkempt, but now it is truly a strong point in the town.


Continuing our walk along the Chiavari boardwalk, we enjoy looking at the many well-tended flower islands, the palms overlooking the crowds of people sitting on the benches and along the walls.


After a little over twenty minutes, we come to the fountain. This is not a fountain in the traditional sense, but a sort of platform that constantly sprays water. An installation that moves harmoniously with the landscape, in the evening the coloured lights make it even more interesting. The view is stupendous, and deserves to be admired at sunset.

Chiavari Boardwalk. Fountan at sunset.

Continuing straight, we reach the panoramic terrace dedicated to Count Giuseppe Raffo, here there are a number of cafes, bars, and restaurants that fill with people in the evenings. If you come by during happy hour, we suggest enjoying a delicious cocktail looking out over the sea. You won’t regret it!


After this is the last part of the boardwalk, it becomes narrower and to the left is an entire spread of sandy beaches. It almost looks like a natural pool, as a line of boulders separates and shelters the swimming area from the open sea.


We walk for another five minutes and reach Piazza Gagliardo or Piazza dei Pescatori, and this is the end of the Chiavari boardwalk. The road goes down towards the beach, while behind us, Colonia Fara rises. This is a large building built during the Fascist period as a summer camp for children, in the last few years a project has been approved to turn it into a series of apartments. We have nothing left to do but turn back and find a place to eat, then, if time allows, we can go for a swim at the beach.



There are a number of places to eat: cafes, focaccerias, pizzerias, restaurants, ice cream parlours. There is only the embarrassment of too much choice. If you want to enjoy a local Ligurian dish, then the best option is to walk to the centre of town.



There is no need for other particular information. To reach the Chiavari boardwalk you can take the train or the car and park in Colmata. In both cases, the starting point is a five-minute walk.


Paolo Bellosta




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