Genoa Boat Show: “It will be a great edition notwithstanding the Coronavirus”

The president of Confindustria Nautica, Saverio Cecchi and Vice President Piero Formenti talk about the 60th edition of the Genoa Boat Show scheduled for 1-6 October

25 May 2020 | by Redazione
Genoa Boat Show

The real challenge for the next Genoa Boat Show , the 60th edition, the first one in Covid-19 times, will not so much be in making it happen (there is plenty of optimism on this point), but to be able to give it the right level of internationalism that it deserves and has always had. Even more so at this time in history.

A press conference via video with the top management of Confindustria Nautica discussed the next edition of the biggest boat show in the Mediterranean.  After having announced the change of date, which will see the 60th edition of the Genoa Boat show take place from 1-6 October, a push is now needed to help the Italian boating industry showcase their businesses to the world and, at the same time, welcome foreign amateur and professional companies to the Lanterna.

“We changed the date, from 1-6 October – explains Saverio Cecchi, president of Confindustria – to give shipyards another 15 days to complete the models they will be bringing exclusively to Genoa.” During the last few months there have been lengthy discussions between the government and the national association, which led to the slow reopening of the entire boating industry, as well as reopening pleasure boating. But did they also talk about the Show? “We spoke with the government – explains Cecchi – but only with Agenzia Ice (National Institute for Foreign Commerce (editor’s note) regarding any financing, not directly with Palazzo Chigi”.

“However – adds the president of Confindustria Nautica – we have been in close contact with the local government in Genoa, including President Toti and Mayor Bucci, who want the Show to take place as much as we do.  If Cannes, as they have said, will hold their Boat Show, then we have an even better chance, because we have more exhibition space compared to Cannes and other shows like Monaco. Our sales manager, Alessandro Campagna is already working on solutions to guarantee the Boat Show takes place with full safety protocols.”

The working method which led to the reopening of the boating industry will also be applied to the Show. “What Roberto Neglia (head of government relations for Confindustria Nautica, editor’s note) did to help reopen businesses and shops and to allow pleasure boaters to go back out to sea – notes Cecchi – will allow us to also go ahead with the Boat Show. Because it is the  60th Boat Show we are talking about, and it is very important. I can assure you, it will be a great Show, in full safety and respecting the rules.”

The association, after these efforts, are asking Rome for help to give this event the right “efficiency” it deserves on the international scene. “We are convinced we will be able to go ahead with the Genoa Boat Show – declares Piero Formenti, Vice President of Confindustria Nautica – I am taking it as a done deal and hope the government understands how important it is at an international level. When we talk about the internationalisation of industries, especially those small ones working in the boating industry, Genoa is fundamental”.

The government will need to therefore do its part. “It will be fundamental – says Formenti – to have extraordinary support and help for the Boat Show and its exhibitors. These will be fundamental to start up again, for other shows as well, but mostly for Genoa, which is the most important for us, and will be even more important this year for big and small businesses in the industry. Even though it is a national boat show, the most important in the Mediterranean and second in Europe, it is important that the Genoa Boat Show be considered by Agenzia Ice and the Ministry for Economic Development to also be an international show, as a promotion for internationalism. And this is what we are working on.”


Giuseppe Orrù


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