Simply Custom: Oceanco’s design platform for custom yachts over 80 metres

The new design concept, Simply Custom by Oceanco simplifies personalisation of large yachts by considering every aspect, both technical and aesthetic

3 November 2023 | by Redazione

Simply Custom is the name given to Oceanco’s new design platform, a concept created to simplify the construction process of large custom yachts, including technical performance and design. Created in response to the increasing demand for custom vessels, and the ever changing priorities of yacht owners, and onboard lifestyle trends, Simply Custom is perfect for custom yachts over 80 metres (or 2,500/2,700 GT).

An abundant and flexible system, capable of responding quickly to the input, providing innovative, stimulating layouts and elevated technical standards, equivalent to the brand’s current quality standards.  “We created Simply Custom – explains Paris Baloumis, marketing manager for the North-European Group – because we realised there was increasing demand for custom yachts, formulated, however, in a different way compared to the past. Future owners are still asking for the best quality for their vessels, according to the limits dictated by customisation, but they seem to have less interest in concentrating on every detail of the process. They pass on the technical work to us and our partners, to receive in exchange a simple and exciting yacht.


To define the Simply Custom platform, Oceanco worked in partnership with 17 international design studios, so as to acquire a vast portfolio of design combinations: an innovative method, which has never been explored for a single  database. In this manner, the new collection of custom yachts will have exteriors designed by famous designers and new young talent, offering clients every option possible based on their tastes and input. All of this with increased attention paid to managing the time spent on board by owners and their guests: the shipyard worked with 5 interior design studios to organise the extreme flexibility of the layout, with standard fittings for the owner’s cabin and 6 suites which can be upgraded, depending on the client, with additional suites, multifunctional rooms, indoor or outdoor cinemas, spa, and gyms.

For the more technical aspects, the work was given to Lateral Naval Architects, who developed the technical specifics for Simply Custom Oceanco, intuitive to use, even by those not working in the industry, for personalisation, and easy to implement over time. This partnership with the professional team has led to a series of solutions based on the different functions required, like for example, a package for diving and water sports, entertainment, or, no less important, smart-eco, making the yacht more sustainable.

Our work for Simply Custom Oceanco – says James Roy, managing director for Lateral Naval Architects – has concentrated on creating a design platform capable of reflecting current needs, both operative and lifestyle, for this size category. The personalisation process of each and every detail can be extremely gratifying for those who have a passion for it, but many owners turn to us, as industry experts, to help them make their decisions easier. As someone once said, everything should be as simple as possible, not just easier. These Simply Custom yachts will be beautiful, complex machines, even if they are the result of a pleasant creating experience for future owners.


From a technical point of view, the Simply Custom platform uses the latest in energy and engine systems available, completely electric, highly efficient, even for hard working systems, with high level seaworthiness and sound and vibration reduction, offering the best comfort on board.

Custom building is a fundamental component of our DNA – notes Marcel Onkenhout, CEO for Oceanco – and we will continue to design and build bespoke vessels for each owner. Simply Custom is the logical evolution of this characteristic, alongside our fully custom service and Life Cycle Support refitting services, completing our offers. The feedback for this new approach has been extraordinarily positive so far and we have seen a keen interest in this new method for buying from Oceanco, as it is accessible, fun and, above all, easy.



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