Benetti launches the first B.Yond 37M: “It is one of the most innovative boats ever built”

The Benetti B.Yond 37M represents the best in a new Voyager range, a true expression of the modern boat owner

7 July 2022 | by Redazione

The highly anticipated launch of the B.Yond 37M took place in the Benetti shipyard in Livorno; the new Benetti Voyager, with its revolutionary design by Paolo Vitelli, founder and president of the Azimut Benetti Group, and the creative genius of the architect, Stefano Righini. Built over four decks, the Benetti B.Yond 37M represents the best in a new Voyager range, a true expression of the modern boat owner.

An important element of this splendid superyacht is a return to steel in place of fibreglass: an unprecedented choice for vessels of this size, and a jump back into the past, to when, in the 1950s, Benetti moved from building in wood to metal. In addition, for a number of markets, steel is the symbol of durability and sturdiness, the qualities of a Voyager, built for lengthy navigation.

What’s more, the innovative E-Mode Hybrid system by Siemens Energy is installed, allowing for efficient energy consumption on board in function of specific user profiles, ensuring reduced CO2 and Nox emissions which have never before been registered in a yacht in this category.

I’m happy – says Paolo Vitelli – to present one of the most innovative boats ever built. Using a hybrid system which allows for long distance navigation while respecting the environment, and its design, which integrates four decks in only 37 metres, make it a dream for the modern boat owner wanting to travel the world with their family and friends. I imagined making a record-breaking boat and here it is.”

The B.Yond 37M, the greenest boat in the world in its category, sails by combining SCR catalytic filters – gas control technology supplied by a urea-based liquid already in use in the automotive industry for Diesel Euro 6D motors – with the innovative E-Mode Hybrid system by Siemens Energy. The latter is based on Add On “crew friendly” integrated architecture, which is based on a traditional system, for extremely simple management in switching from mechanical to electric propulsion and vice versa, without the need for specialised personnel on board.

An innovative solution that gives the option of travelling in 4 different ways, including Full Electric, for zero emission navigation; an exclusive addition which allows the B.Yond 37M to access protected marine areas or other areas in which motorboats are prohibited.

The lithium battery pack also allows the boat to drop anchor in Hotel Mode, also with zero emissions, keeping the generators switched off and supplying the main utilities on board  through battery power. This means being able to spend time in roads in full harmony with nature, surrounded by silence with the complete absence of vibrations. With the new generation of high density batteries, using a 300 kw/h battery pack will provide autonomy at anchor of up to 8 hours during the day and 12 at night, and battery re-charging time is only 3 hours.

Estimating a yearly use of 1,000 hours, of which 400 are in navigation and 600 at anchor, there is a reduction in CO2 of up to 24% and a reduction in Nox of up to 85%, to which can be added autonomy which is nearly doubled compared to traditional boats of a similar size. It can also reach 8,200 nautical miles at 9 knots in Eco Transfer mode, with the two diesel-generators turned off and only one engine on, reducing consumption and CO2 emissions up to 16% and NOx by 80%.

Righini’s revolutionary concept, which is the sum of all his creative knowledge, includes the addition of a fourth deck, raising all the noble areas of the vessel, thereby offering them a beautiful panoramic view. The Lower Deck is dedicated to services, including a walk-in wine cellar and a cold room, two elements that are uncommon in a vessel of this size, the Main Deck is the Night Area for passengers, with four suites accessed through the panoramic living area with its generously-sized windows, which Benetti has dubbed the “Playroom”.

Going on to the Upper Deck, the living area, free from impediments, opens over a 360-degree view of the water, while the Sun Deck has a dining area with pantry and outdoor table, sheltered under a hard top. The Bridge Deck is for the owner, whose privacy, and that of his guests, is guaranteed by the presence of two staircases allowing for completely separate flow between the passengers and crew. Lastly, the ample garage can store, for the first time in a hidden and protected area, a 6.5 metre tender for the owner, a 4.2 metre rescue boat and two jet skis.

The layout is extremely flexible. On the Main Deck, in addition to the four suites,which are particularly spacious for a 37-metre, an owner’s cabin can be added, or even the Playroom with its panoramic view; on the Bridge Deck there is the option of building the owner’s cabin or a panoramic veranda and in the Lower Deck, the gym can be replaced by a sixth passenger cabin. Another novelty is that the captain has the option of 2 cabins, a full-sized cabin located behind the wheelhouse, and another spacious one near the crew quarters: if the captain chooses the first, the second could be turned into a sixth passenger cabin.


The white steel hull with aluminium superstructure best expresses the personality and elegance of the B.Yond 37M, complete with white varnished stainless steel handrails, finished with a teak band: a unique style detail. Studio P.L.A.N.A.  by  Pierluigi Ausonio designed the hull, and the interior design, open and spacious, was curated by the architect, Mauro Izzo from Benetii. The interior design offers even more options for personalisation, allowing the owner to express their style in a yacht that is to be enjoyed as a second home.

A spirit that Giorgetti, brand leader in contemporary design, chosen by Benetti to curate the decoration of the first B.Yond 37M, has perfectly interpreted by adopting all the owner’s desires through high-end beauty and functionality. The high-end materials chosen are declined into natural colour palettes, enhanced with touches of blue which, through textiles and accessories, stand out in contrast with the white of the wall, bringing in the colours of the sea.



Length f.t.: 36.9 m

Max. Width: 8.6 m

Maximum Depth: 2.5 m

Hull and Superstructure: Steel/Aluminium

Gross Tonnage (ITC ‘69): 395 GT

Gross Tonnage (with Garage Deck and closed patio option): Equivalent to approx. 460 GT

Displacement with full-load: 380 t

Fuel tank capacity: 66,000 l

Water tank capacity: 6,000 l

Owner and Passenger Cabins: 5/6 cabins for 10/12 people

Crew Cabins: 4 + 1 cabins for 6 + 1 people

Main Engines: MAN V12 1450 hp @ 2.100 rpm IMO TIER III + E-Mode Hybrid

Maximum speed: 14 knots

Autonomy at 9 knots (Eco transfer Mode): 8,200 Nm

Builder: Benetti Shipyard

Naval Architecture: P. L. AUSONIO Naval Architecture & Benetti R&D Dept.


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