Remigo challenges electric outboard competition in style, handling and user friendliness

Today Remigo launched the world’s first fully integrated, user-friendly, electric outboard motor.

20 October 2020 | by Redazione

(Ljubljana, Slovenia, 1 October 2020) – Today Remigo launched the world’s first fully integrated, user-friendly, electric outboard motor. With 35 kg of thrust (comparable to 3HP), an average 14 nm range, easy handling, and a short, 3-hour recharge cycle on AC, with smart charging capabilities for onboard 12-24 DC wiring, it provides easy usability in a broad range of scenarios. This is the first product from this young manufacturer based in Slovenia.


The uniquely designed aluminum unibody case resembles a rudder, and it is easy to carry around and mount. The Remigo is constructed with a 1000 W electric brushless DC motor, a 1000 Wh Li-Ion battery, an integrated smart battery management module for enhanced safety, and an intuitive 2-button power control module with 10-step forward/backward logic. The whole unit weighs a mere 13.5 kg and its upper part is watertight to IP67 standard (the submerged part is IP 69, so it can stay in the water indefinitely).


Designed with experience

“We are yachtsmen, talking to yachtsmen, observing boaters, listening to sailors and their crews for years. We have built, tested, and improved numerous prototypes, along the way rethinking every aspect of the product many times over,” explains Marko Vrtovec, founder and CEO of the young Slovenian manufacturer.


Remigo believes that cutting-edge technology should feel simple and be super easy to use. “It should support our endeavours and not interfere with them. A good product is sophisticated inside yet intuitive to use,” says Tjaš Cvek, chief of R&D at Remigo.


Simple use, improved handling, plenty of power

The e-outboard is powerful enough to enable a smooth ride in all conditions; in both salt and freshwater and to run against heavy seas without stalling. The motor provides an average 14 nm range, which can be extended to 30 nm with less power, or shortened to maximize speed.


Remigo’s hallmark, however, is simple transportation, quick recharging,  and easy use, as well as improved watercraft handling.


Here is what one user says about it:

“The Remigo is just the easiest boat motor I have ever used. It is lightweight to carry, and it leaves no oil stains or gasoline smell whatsoever. The design is so stylish everybody wants to know what it is! What is most important – it really improves the manoeuvrability of my boat, as its gorgeous case is actually shaped like a rudder.

The detachable bracket is simple to mount, and the motor shaft length can be adjusted to between 15 and 30 inches. Operation is smooth – the magnetic kill switch acts as the key, and the two buttons let you set speed and even put it into reverse. Riding with my dinghy, when the boat is at anchor, is a lot of fun again! The battery recharges in 3 hours, sometimes during dinner on the coast, or in 8 hours onboard our main vessel.

We know the economics are great, but for me the clean tech design is what counts,” says Zoran Trojar, one of Remigo’s first regular users and an enthusiastic sailor.



The Remigo e-outboard motor features:

  • Elegant design
  • Innovative mounting mechanism with detachable bracket
  • Stepless shaft length adjustment up to 800 mm (15-30 inch equivalent)
  • Aluminium unibody case, corrosion resistant build
  • Easy carry
  • Intuitive start and operation
  • Improved manoeuvrability, acting like a rudder
  • Simple user experience with 2-button control intuitive operation
  • No dealing with oil or gas, so hands and sea stay clean
  • Magnetic kill switch for secure auto shutdown
  • Good autonomy – average use for 14 nm
  • Powerful battery – 1000Wh Li-Ion with reliable smart battery management
  • Fast charge: 3 hr @ 110/230 V AC, 8 hr @ 12-24 V DC)
  • Compact build: 13.5 kg
  • High efficiency brushless DC motor comparable to 3 HP gasoline outboard
  • Thrust 35 kg
  • Speed/range (kn/nm): eco 2.0/30, cruise 3.0/14, full speed 5.0/2.5
  • Watertight case – IP69 for parts under water, and IP67 for above water elements
  • Virtually indestructible construction with zero maintenance


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3 commenti

  1. Marko Vrtovec says:

    Hi, thanks for the interest in Remigo outboards.
    Yes, it can be charged while driving. If Remigo is plugged to adapter while driving it can charge in the same time.
    A DC-DC converter-charger is available as option (accepts 12V-24V) yet charging is slow due to current (amperes) limitation.
    Please find more info at:
    Best regards, Marko from Remigo

  2. James kliewer says:

    Will it charge while operating?

  3. Naomi Tachibana, Maritime Trading LLC says:

    We are Japanese sailing gear dealer and have interest Remigo electric outboard. We are importer and wholesaler from USA and Australia. and interest to sell in Japan as dealer. If you have interest export to Japan, pls let me know. My name is Naomi Tachibana, Maritime Trading LLC, Yokosuka, Japan

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