Ice Yacht 70, a new fast cruiser which harmonises the future with classic elegance

The Ice 70 is chosen by owners who want fast boats that are elegant and easy to take on a cruise

7 August 2022 | by Redazione

The need for shipyards to stand out, not only with their own identities, but also to be able to make their various models more customisable, is increasingly important and can be declined in the design and building philosophy as well as in offering owners events, races and other activities that can create loyalty to a particular brand.

In the last few years, sailing yacht owners with boats between 60 and 80 feet, probably also influenced by social changes stimulated by the pandemic, have demonstrated increased interest in a need for liveable space, as well as increased desire for quality construction and boating culture, willing to sacrifice a bit of “super cruising” space for improved sailing performance.

Ice Yacht allocates itself among the Fast Cruisers that best interpret this relatively new and growing concept, among the most elegant and high performing on the market thanks to the quality of materials used, building methods and the studio of Umberto Felci. And in a market of owners who want fast boats that are elegant and easy to take on a cruise, the ICE70 truly stands out.

Elegance coming from a knowledgeable and proportional mix between the classic use of teak and modern technology and materials, starting with the use of mostly laminated carbon fibre, and the use of infusion methods which guarantee solidity, rigidity and reliability. In order to participate in long offshore races as well as comfortable and fast cruises, the waterlines guarantee good stability as well as a smaller amount of wet area for the sailing characteristics of the Mediterranean.

In the cockpit is all the capacity of a 70 foot combined with the latest technology and performance, making it easy to sail or navigate using the engine. The wide benches and their comfortable cushions, frame the two consoles, from where nearly the entire boat can be managed: from forward and aft thrusters to the engine, bow warping, sails, the lifting keel fin and all the other hydraulics.

This type of management has now become a trend in all important boats, slightly complicating the general systems of the vessel but making it very easy to manage, even with a limited number of crew. Normally the boat is manoeuvred by a passionate and capable owner and a commander, and it will then depend on how the owner wants to use the boat for the addition of other crew members.

The lifting keel brings the draught to 4.50, which guarantees excellent straightening, lightening the ballast equal to straightening and therefore the power of the boat, while its minimum draught of 2.80 allows the boat to enter in most tourist marinas and best use anchoring in roads.

The interior, in addition to standard versions that focus on essential elegance using light materials of high quality, also has plenty of space for customisation which is often requested and appreciated: here too, the division of the space depends on its use, on the number of crew members wanted on board and the size of the owner’s cabin to the bow.

Ice Yacht continues, therefore to showcase its specialisation in the design and construction of fast cruisers that can also provide plenty of satisfaction while cruising, keeping up with owners during their life as “sailors”, organising events for them but also giving them efficient after sales service, now in demand seeing the continued research and innovation continuously added to new production.



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