Fiart Seawalker 35 and Suzuki DF350: the perfect pairing to enjoy the water with performance and reduced consumption

When Italian boating tradition encounters the technology of the Japanese motor company, the result is guaranteed. Testing the Fiart Seawalker 35 with two Suzuki DF350 engines

6 July 2022 | by Redazione

A boat of the Mediterranean tradition and an engine with Japanese technology: Fiart Seawalker 35 and Suzuki DF350. A winning pair allowing the enjoyment of the water with ample spaces, great performance, and reduced costs.

In the waters of Baia (Naples), departing from the pier next to the Neapolitan shipyard, Fiart, we were able to test the Fiart Seawalker 35, with its two Suzuki DF350A engines – outboards with counter-rotating propellers (Suzuki Dual Prop).


The Seawalker 35 is the entry level boat of the walkaround range built by the Neapolitan builder, Fiart, a 9.99 metre boat which becomes 11.52 metres in overall length, with a maximum beam of 3.82 metres.

This is a versatile vessel, perfect for a young owner as well as an expert owner looking for a boat that is easy to operate. But, above all, a lot of space for a boat of this size: the bridge over the two outboard engines makes the boat even bigger, without the need to be registered. The rest of the work was done by the designers, with a lot of space above and below decks.

Sporty and elegant, in its shape, the Seawalker 35 is a “Mediterranean” boat, with exterior spaces that enhance the feeling of movement typical of a walkaround, without any obstacles around the central elements of the deck, where the two-seated bridge is located. In the configuration presented in Baia, to the stern is a comfortable sun area, located right behind the kitchen with sink, fridge, grill: this is the heart of the “social area” of the boat, to meet up for cocktails or lunch, with the seats able to be used both for the table or facing forward or backwards.

The aft platform, extended over and around the outboard engines, is easy to reach and, thanks to an up and down mechanism, allows passengers to easily reach the water or pier. It is an extra layer of safety while swimming as it creates a physical barrier between the swimmers and propellers. The configuration of the bow allows the client to choose between a sun area or a dinette with a table that can be lowered or easily converted into a spacious bed.

Below deck, the night area was carefully studied in minute detail, with design solutions allowing passengers to enjoy space and height that are usually unthinkable in a vessel of this size. The Seawalker 35 can hold up to 10 passengers, 4 for the night with two large cabins. The interior layout has an open space with double bed to the bow, a bathroom with separate shower and two single beds below the upper deck, under the bridge area. The finishes are excellent and each detail is carefully curated.

The Seawalker range – says Giancarlo di Luggo, CEO for Fiart – creates vessels for those who enjoy the outdoors; comfortable, sporty and fast, with easy navigation even in rough seas and optimal manoeuvrability. All the vessels are made through infusion, guaranteeing increased lightness, resistance to weathering, and a lower environmental impact. Our partnership with Suzuki, allows us to expand the range of available engines now found in our vessels, including full power, alongside the technological reliability of the Japanese motor company.

We are awaiting the new Cannes Boat Show, to discover the new Fiart P54, designed by  Stefano Pastrovich.


Top of the range of the Suzuki outboard motors, the DF350A is a 4.4 litre V6 capable of producing 350 hp. Equipped with the Suzuki Dual Prop propulsion system, with its dual counter-rotating propellers, this engine can supply advantages in terms of acceleration, ease of navigation and course stabilisation.

For the DF350A, Suzuki coined a new logo, “Geki”: Parting Seas”, a symbol of the passion and continued work of the engineers in the Japanese company in designing yet another milestone in boating propulsion. It is, indeed, one the most technologically advanced engines in the market, with 4,400 cc and a compression ratio of 12.0:1 which is usually reserved for competition, and, thanks to new residue compressors and dual fuel injectors, it does not suffer from the typical throbbing “side effect”.

This solution gives combustion a generous air flow, adequate for all types of load, while at the same time making it as pure as possible, with no water and salt residue, thanks to the Suzuki Dual Louver system; it also keep air cooler, reducing air temperature by around 10 degrees compared to the surrounding area.

The residue compressors make the air denser, allowing the two compact injectors, located in each expansion chamber, to push through even more powdered fuel, concentrating it in the centre of the chamber, where it is more efficient. This characteristic eliminates throbbing and increases power by another 3%.

In order to withstand this power, pistons and rods have been reinforced. The heads have undergone “shot peening”, a process which bombards the heads with small metal beads so as to create small dents with the aim of making the pressure generated by the combustion more uniform over the entire surface area, improving efficiency and making it more durable.

In order to support the Suzuki Dual Prop system, the first time it has been applied in an outboard system using counter-rotating propellers on the same axis, the base and gearbox have been completely redesigned, using elevated hydrodynamic efficiency parameters. The Suzuki Dual Prop system offers advantages in terms of acceleration, course stability, maximum speed, and output.


Also available as inboard/outboard, the Seawalker 35 propelled with two outboard Suzuki DF350A offers the best in terms of performance and enjoyability.

In the test drive, the vessel, thanks to the powerful 700 hp push created by the two Suzuki engines installed to the stern (the maximum power that can be installed on this boat), we reached a maximum speed of 40 knots, while the cruising speed, in which comfort, consumption and performance are perfectly balanced, was recorded at 32 knots, with a consumption of 100l/hr for both engines. The DF305A pair, thanks to its dual propeller system, also allows the Seawalker 35 to plane in just 7 seconds, benefiting the navigation of the owner and passengers.

The outboard configuration of the Seawalker 35 offers excellent manoeuvrability, enhancing the qualities of a hull that, as per Fiart tradition, brings together seaworthiness with the pleasure of driving, guaranteeing pure fun and safety at all speeds.

We are happy that Fiart – states Paolo Ilariuzzi, Manager of the Motor and Marine division for Suzuki – appreciate the technical and technological qualities present in the pair of Suzuki DF350As installed on the Seawalker 35. A partnership with one of the leading Italian boating companies allows us to offer a product specifically studied for clients that own boats needing a powerful push, and immediate acceleration but who still want to sail in comfort and safety.


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